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We free you from slow, inaccurate, costly, manual accounting by offering holistic financial strategies and automation services.

Our team takes care of your payments, invoices, payroll, compliance and taxes while you grow your business from anywhere in the world.

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We specialise in helping

Remote companies

You can rely on our paperless, efficient processes and multinational team to offer top-notch service. You'll never have to fax a document again.

Online entrepreneurs

We don't just use emails - we understand the intricacies of online payment processing and taxation across jurisdictions.
We'll never ask you how Stripe works.

Tech startups

Having a compliant and organised back-end helps you raise more funds and builds trust with shareholders. We're a tech company ourselves and we built our own PaaS.

Customers love the ease of working with us!

Our services

Completely or partially replace your in-house team

Matt Foley Pikohana MD

A word from the founder

Matt Foley, started PikoHANA because of… well, crap service providers who were difficult and expensive to work with.

With more than 20-years as an operational finance executive in the US, Hong Kong and finally Singapore, Matt has dealt extensively with corporate service providers, and the two things he always encountered were poor service quality and response times, and expensive support costs.  In short, shit support at a premium price – the exact opposite of what is normally expected!

So, in 2015, PikoHANA was founded with the ambition to provide a high quality of service with rapid response times at a reasonable price.

Improve on your profitability and cash flow

Provide enhanced visibility to financial and operations information

Increase your revenue while managing cost containment

Update your current systems and create consistent processes

Manage constant back-office staff turnover

Ensure compliance with ever-changing government & industry standards

Optimize the cost and time of running back office

Assist with responsiveness of service providers

Why PikoHANA

PikoHANA is your one-stop Back Office Solutions partner.

We assist with a variety of financial and accounting services in Singapore. We take care of administrative tasks so you can focus on growing and scaling your business.

Some Common Pain Points We Help Solve

We help you improve on your profitability and cash flow

Update your current systems and create consistent processes

We help with the cost and time of running back office

Increase visibility to your financial information

Manage constant back office staff turnover

Help with responsiveness of service providers

Increase your revenue while managing cost containment

Compliance with ever-changing government & industry standards

Simplify shareholder demands & agitation

Never Choose Between Back Office Management and Running Your Business

We’re a technology-driven business operations transformation firm. With PikoHANA, you get the tools to always stay connected to your back-office without having to shift your focus off on what matters most: business growth!

The extra benefits of becoming a client

We developed our very own dashboard software works on top of your existing cloud accounting system to provide you with unparalleled, up-to-date insights.

Superior Convenience

24/7 easy access to data, anytime, anywhere

Single point of contact

30 minutes’ response time

Fully automated and cloud based systems

Improved Cashflow

Reduction in total cost to run your back office by 30% or more

Scale your back-office on demand as your business grow

Single version of truth with our real time financial dashboard

Eradicate outdated systems and inconsistent processes

Regulatory Compliance

Up to date with ever changing government & industry standards

On-demand CFO advisory service

Regular penetration test to ensure data is always safe and secure

Multiple & continuous back up of all business and financial data

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