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Financial Management
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Transforming Your Business with Tailored Accounting Services, Corporate Services, and Payroll Solutions.

With You For The Whole Journey

We help our clients from Inception to Exit.

Who Are We?

At PikoHANA, we are a dedicated team of finance and accounting professionals committed to empowering your business. With extensive financial strategy, compliance, and management expertise, we provide comprehensive CFO, EOR, and accounting services tailored to your unique business needs.

Our Services

Why Choose Us?

Your Partner in Financial Excellence

Customized Solutions

Tailored services to meet your specific business needs.

Expert Team

Experienced professionals with a track record of excellence.

Global Compliance

Ensuring adherence to international and local financial regulations.


Utilizing the latest tools for efficiency and accuracy.


Reduce your overhead costs by 30-50% while maximizing financial performance.

Quick Response Times

PikoHANA’s professional staff responds to client requests in 30 minutes or less.

Clients Love What We Do

Our team has assisted hundreds of companies worldwide, these are a few of the reasons why they love to work with us.

  • „Of PikoHANA’s countless strengths, I especially value their responsiveness. We know our finances are in the best hands with PikoHANA’s doting, expeditious team.“
    Phik See Wong, Head of Operations, SIREN Design
  • „Working with PikoHANA has revolutionised our operations. Matt’s team handles our accounting with unmatched prowess. I am continually impressed with their responsiveness and ability to anticipate our needs.“
    William Gilchrist, Founder, KONSYG
  • „PikoHANA is all about execution. They get our business and they get it done. And with their integrated Business Intelligence Platform, I have a real-time understanding of my working capital situation, which allows me to make informed decisions when deploying resources.“
    Bent Rye, CEO, Temasys
  • „PikoHANA has managed our entire back office for several years, expertly handling our accounting, payroll, corporate secretary, tax filing, and compliancy needs. They have our full trust, and we’re appreciative of how they’ve helped us grow in Singapore and the US. It’s remarkable how their advanced technology keeps our back-office operations right at our fingertips! We are most impressed with their response time, as well as their diligence in addressing our concerns. None of our needs go overlooked, and they stay true to their service promise of a 30 minute max response time. Our thanks to Matt and his team!“
    Greg Lipper, Founder & CEO, Happi
  • „PikoHANA will do wonders for your accounting, helping to digitize and simplify old processes. As a retail and F&B outlet, with high volume transactions, our back office processes became dramatically more efficient since employing PikoHANA’s services. We’re especially impressed with their ability to digitize our accounting processes and financial data – in a matter of weeks! I truly believe their advanced systems can benefit all businesses, no matter what industry – you don’t have to be high-tech to reap the value of their offerings!“
    Sarah Naeem, Founder, The Moon
  • „The aptitude of Matt and his team has helped Alpha Fintech achieve impressive growth since employing PikoHANA’s services in 2017. Their seamless management of our payroll, corporate secretary duties, and tax compliance enabled our company to focus on client satisfaction and expansion. What’s most remarkable is their flexibility: they keep our back-office operations up to code not only in Singapore and Australia, but the US and Ireland as well. Their speedy response times and tech-savvy processes have been instrumental to our operations. PikoHANA’s services are highly beneficial to fintech SMEs, especially those concerned with international compliance.“
    Valerie Ryan, Financial Controller, Alpha Fintech
  • „Matt and his team at PikoHANA are awesome to work with. They’re very knowledgeable about doing business in Singapore. I love that I don’t have to worry about accounting anymore because they’re taking care of it and at the same time I always know where I stand. Peace of mind is priceless.“
    Giulia Cian Seren, Founder, Juicy Pickles
  • „Best accounting and financial services agency in Singapore, without exception. Especially for tech companies and software startups.“

    John O’Nolan, Founder & CEO, Ghost
  • „Great experience working with Matt and his team! Responsive and give great advice!“

    Chune Yang Lum, Co-Founder & CEO, SpeQtral