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    PikoHANA helps foreigners, Singaporeans, as well
    as non-residents with the incorporation process.

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    Flat, transparent fees.

    A fractional finance team that looks after you.

    We take pride in our business registration and company formation expertise. We manage end-to-end documentation, help establish your Nominee Director, and guide you through the entire registration process smoothly.

    Opening a company in Singapore takes 1 business day and it’s a straightforward process.

    If you’re a foreign national or you’re not a resident of Singapore, you need to go through a corporate secretary.

    PikoHANA can help you incorporate your company today, and take care of your other corporate needs tomorrow.

    Open a
    bank account
    in Singapore
    in less than a

    PikoHANA partners with Aspire Bank to serve customers better – even those who are not in Singapore right now or Singaporeans!

    Ultimate Business Destination.

    Ultimate Price.

    Incorporation of a Singapore Private Limited company

    Waived if you purchase any of the Basic Accounting Packages and annual fee in advance

    Fee does not include government filing fees

    One Time Fee of SGD 1000


    MD at PikoHANA

    Nice to meet you, I'm Matt Foley!

    And if there’s one thing I hate… that’s being nickel-and-dimed by salesy accountants. That’s why at PikoHANA our affordable monthly plans cover bookkeeping, reporting, taxes AND you can even have us do your corporate secretarial services. Hiring us will actually save you money compared to DIY or having an in-house team.

    The icing on the cake? A passionate team I poached from “Big 4” companies and equipped with the latest technology, so we can deliver better value to you but at a sensible price tag.

    So, are you ready to switch to PikoHANA and breathe a sigh of relief? Your company is in capable, responsive, precise hands with us.

    Special offers

    We’ll waive the $1000 fee if you sign up for a yearly accounting package + corporate secretarial services + nominee director services and pay in advance.

    Applied if you pay for 3 months upfront. 

    Applied if you pay for 6 months upfront. 

    Applied if you pay for 12 months upfront. 

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