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    The logical choice for SMEs with less than 200 employees who want accurate accounting done on time, without the stress and cost of hiring new employees.

    Xero fees included​
    Xero fees included​
    Human account manager
    Human account manager
    30 minutes response time – call/text​
    30 minutes response time – call/text​

    Companies registered in Hong Kong are obligated to keep accurate financial records by the Inland Revenue Ordinance and the Companies Ordinance. Businesses are required to employ accounting firm Hong Kong to conduct audit duties on financial statements. Accounting records for a Hong Kong-based business must be kept for a minimum of seven years from the end of the fiscal year. Except for inactive corporations, all Hong Kong businesses are expected to have their yearly financial accounts audited. Accuracy and security must be top priorities.

    Accounting is a tedious task, which steals from the time and mental energy that business founders must devote to core businesses. SME owners especially struggle to keep their financial records up-to-date due to extensive regulations surrounding accounting. Doing accounts on your own or hiring a less experienced professional to save costs can put the business at risk of violating regulations and making expensive errors. 

    PikoHANA is a leading provider of accounting services in Hong Kong. We offer a one-stop solution to keeping your SME accounts updated, saving you time and resources. We encourage businesses to channel their focus into the growth and expansion of your company, while we handle the tedious work of bookkeeping and maintaining your financial records. 

    Outsourced Accountant Services

    • What do you need to know about accounting in Hong Kong?

    Businesses registered in Hong Kong must follow the Hong Kong Accounting standards, a collection of guidelines that define key accounting terms and conditions that govern all financial operations in Hong Kong. These standards are known as Financial Reporting Standards (FRS), developed by the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB). 

    All businesses with Hong Kong consolidations are required to follow FRS rules, follow accurate bookkeeping procedures, and complete required audits. To maintain integrity and transparency in a company’s financial accounts, these standards were created to emphasize the underlying concepts that define accounting terminology and explain their scope.


    • Specialist outsourced accounting services

    To maintain SME business accounts as per the demands of FRS, business owners can outsource accounting Hong Kong to an experienced and dependable accounting company in Hong Kong. When searching for an accounting service in Hong Kong, it’s important to consider the firm’s experience, pricing, cost-effectiveness, service offerings, and credentials.


    PikoHANA provides outstanding accounting services in Hong Kong with over two decades of experience in the field. PikoHANA is a trustworthy fractional financing partner of SMEs with less than 200 employees. A top accounting company in Hong Kong, we are the best option to outsource your accounting requirements if you want accurate and timely financial reports without the mental and financial burden of hiring new specialized employees.


    • Business accounting services that we provide in Hong Kong

    PikoHANA works as a partner for businesses in Hong Kong, providing affordable and reliable accountant services with accuracy and diligence. We offer three plans to choose from based on the size, budget, and requirements of your budget, starting at just 180 USD. 

    • Basic – A cost-effective option for businesses that want to account for 20 transactions or less per month. It includes a professional account manager and covers state-of-the-art technology to provide yearly company tax returns and filing services as well as quarterly financial reviews.
    • Growth: A plan is suitable for businesses that are scaling quickly and need to cover up to 50 transactions per month. Along with all the benefits of the basic plan, the package also gives two people exclusive access to monthly assessments and real-time business intelligence data.
    • Enterprise: This package works well for advanced companies that do more than 50 monthly transactions. PikoHANA provides three users with real-time access to business intelligence data in addition to the capabilities included in the Growth Plan and unique CFO guidance to help you plan a robust business strategy.


    The finest cloud technologies are a part of our end-to-end solutions, which provide completely paperless accounting for companies of all sizes. Additionally, our user platform makes it simple for you to manage every aspect of your money, facilitating crucial decision-making. Our experts at PikoHANA experts 14 different accounting services in Hong Kong:


    1. Quarterly GST Returns
    2. Corporate Secretarial Services
    3. Payment Processing
    4. Customer Invoicing
    5. Payroll & Employee Expense Reporting
    6. Nominee Director Services
    7. ECI Tax Preparation
    8. Registered Address
    9. Software Fees
    10. Incorporation & Bank Account Opening
    11. Preparation of Audited FRS Report
    12. Management Of Statutory Financial Audit
    13. Due Diligence Support & Advisory Services
    14. Historical Cleanup


    • Benefits to outsource accounting Hong Kong

    The benefits of outsourcing your accounting services with PikoHANA, a leading accounting company in Hong Kong, are the following:


    • Get professional accounting services for a portion of the cost of hiring an in-house accountant in Hong Kong.
    • Instead of worrying about accounting and other expenditures in Hongkong, concentrate on increasing your income.
    • Cost and time efficiency from saving you the effort needed to hire and background-check accounting staff in Hong Kong.
    • You don’t need to worry about the danger of fraud and the protection of your financial data when you’re working with professional accounting services in Hong Kong.
    • Avoid penalties by maintaining your finances in Hongkong in order and accordance with the most recent accounting regulations and governmental instructions.


    • Know more about PikoHANA Accounting Services in Hong Kong

    The core employees at PikoHANA exemplify the accounting maxims of dependability, stability, and consistency since the start of our company in 2012. We use the most recent technological measures for data security and protection because we understand that outsourcing accounting services entail entrusting a third party with sensitive data. Our outsourced accounting services keep you from spending the time, money, and effort exhausting your resources and are tailored for international accounting practices. We provide specialized assistance at every level and have extensive experience dealing with both big and small businesses.


    • Why Choose PikoHANA as Your Accounting Firm Hong Kong

    PikoHANA has extensive experience offering business services to a variety of sectors in different nations. We have been providing accounting services in Hong Kong since 2012. PikoHANA employs superior data security tools and has been entrusted by more than 200 businesses globally. We make sure to never put your security or privacy in danger.


    Because of our customizable contract terms, you can create a custom blend of accounting services depending on the needs of your business, such as outsourcing certain tasks while maintaining other bookkeeping in-house. We deliver cost-effective modules and ancillary services that increase the value of your business. Engage Our Fractional Finance Team to boost your revenue while lowering your tax obligations. For a prompt answer, make an appointment with us or get in touch with us today.

    Who are we?

    Pikohana offers a one-stop solution to all your specialized accounting needs. Our team of certified public accountants has assisted over 200 companies worldwide with trusted, reliable, and uninterrupted accounting services.

    At Pikohana, we work as partners with your firm, providing digital accounting solutions that are purposely designed to assist growing organizations. Our outsourced accounting services are fine tuned for global accounting procedures and take away the time, cost, and effort eating up your internal resources. We have comprehensive experience in working with both large and small organizations with specialist help available for every tier.

    Our core team epitomises the accounting principles of reliability, continuity, and stability, and has remained unchanged since our firm’s inception in 2012. Since outsourcing accounting services means trusting a third-party with confidential information, we also have the latest digital measure in place for data security and protection.

    Why choose us?

    Accounting service providers are selected based on their track record as a reliable, full-service solution, and we do just that for all our clients. Here are the reasons why Pikohana works best for all your accounting needs,

    • We work without needing repeated interventions from your end
    • We are experienced in delivering business services to various industries across jurisdictions
    • We have the latest and greatest data protection technologies in place and we never compromise with your privacy and security
    • Our competitive pricing modules and complimentary services add maximum value to your business
    • Our flexible contract policies allows you to create customized bouquet of accounting services as per your business needs, for e.g., you can choose to outsource select tasks and keep the core bookkeeping in-house or vice versa

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    specialized accounting firm

    Benefits of working with a specialized accounting firm:

    • Get the best accounting resources at a fraction of what your in-house accounting service would cost in Hongkong
    • Eliminate time and effort required for hiring and background check of accounting resources in Hongkong
    • Direct your focus on generating more revenue instead of worrying about bookkeeping and sundry expenses in Hongkong
    • Safeguard your financial data and reduce the risk of fraud experienced accounting professionals who know every trick in the book in Hongkong
    • Keep your financials organized and in compliance with the latest accounting laws and government directives in Hongkong

    What we offer?

    Our end-to-end solutions include the best cloud technologies, offering 100 percent paperless accounting for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Furthermore, our user platform gives you easy oversight over all your finances, speeding up critical decision making procedures.

    • $100 per month


    • Accounting for all GST transactions monthly
    • Preparation of quarterly GST return
    • Filing of quarterly GST return
    • $150 per month


    • Corporate secretarial, incl. named secretary
    • Registered office address
    • Provision of four (i.e., quarterly) director’s resolutions and minutes of the meeting per annum, noting that resolutions outside the normal course of business, such as rights issuances, share offerings, etc. will be charged for separately
    • Maintenance of company files with respect to the articles of association, copies of resolutions, official registrations, copies of annual accounts
    • Preparation and submission of the annual return & filing
    • Preparation and submission of the filing to ACRA
    • Convene the AGM as stipulated by the company’s constitution or M&A
    • Includes XBRL filing (usually a separate charge of $600 by most service providers)
    • $50 per month (for every block of 10 payments)


    • We only prepare payments after seeking approval from the company’s authorized person(s)
    • The company will be responsible for the final review and approval of payments
    • $100 per month (for every block of 10 payments)


    • Drafting of client invoices
      – Revenue recognition
      – Distribution of client invoices via email

    Please note that we will only send invoices to your clients via email from our invoicing system after seeking approval from the company’s authorized person(s)

    • PikoHANA is not responsible for
      follow-up calls or chasing payments.
    • $25 per month per employee


    • Payroll support for active employees &
    • Filing payroll reports with government agencies
    • Issuance of pay slips to employees
    • Leave administration (i.e., not approval)
    • Employee & contractor expense reporting based on single approver
    • Inclusive of payroll & expense reporting system fees

    Please note this does not include payment processing, which is covered by Option #1 above

    • $250 per month


    • This is a statutory requirement for a Company to have a minimum of one director who is an ordinary resident in Singapore.
    • Subject to signing standard indemnification agreement
    • $350 per filing (once a year)


    • All companies, including new companies, are required to file the ECI within three months from the end of their financial year.
    • Your company does not need to file the ECI if it meets the following criteria:
      • Annual revenue is not more than $5 million for the financial year; and ECI is NIL for the YA.
    • So, if your company is profitable, then you must file the ECI no matter what your revenue is.
    • Included in Corporate Secretarial Services.

    Included in each monthly package (ie Xero, Talenox).

    • $1000


    • Incorporation as a Singapore Private Limited company
    • Account opening with Aspire
    • Excludes government fees of $500
    • $1500


    • One-time fee of $1,500 covering one company. $500
      will be charged for each additional company in the
    • $2500


    • Audit support, including:
      • Liaising with auditors and responding to
        various audit inquiries.
      • Providing auditors with access to
        financial records and supporting
        documentation; and
      • Coordination of documentation to
        formalize the audit report.

    $250 – $550 per hour depending on the project

    Customised quote based on transaction volume. Starting at $500

    Serving 200+ companies worldwide

    Accounting firm

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Accounting services that are often requested include monitoring costs and revenues, tax preparation, and a lot more. Accounting focuses on creating precise accounting statements and upholding effective recordkeeping procedures.

    Based on the data from the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants (CPA), 3,593 qualified public accountants were actively practicing as of the conclusion of June 2021.

    Accounting and auditing requirements are crucial when you conduct business in Hong Kong or intend to. This prevents tax and accounting errors. Accounting is hard, time-consuming, and needs understanding. SMEs and start-up businesses outsource their accounting operations to avoid the hassle and cost of maintaining up-to-date accounts themselves.

    Look for credentials, a broad variety of services, industry experience, and affordability when picking your accounting services in Hong Kong.

    Non-CPA companies provide services like accounting, bookkeeping, tax filing, year-end financial reporting, and company secretarial services. PikoHANA offers 14 different accounting services:

    • Quarterly GST Returns
    • Corporate Secretarial Services
    • Payment Processing
    • Customer Invoicing
    • Payroll & Employee Expense Reporting
    • Nominee Director Services
    • ECI Tax Preparation
    • Registered Address
    • Software Fees
    • Incorporation & Bank Account Opening
    • Preparation of Audited FRS Report
    • Management Of Statutory Financial Audit
    • Due Diligence Support & Advisory Services
    • Historical Cleanup

    The selection criteria for an accounting firm include their demonstrated reliability and their ability to meet all of the company’s accounting requirements in a single package.

    The Inland Revenue Department (IRD) requires all Hong Kong-based businesses to have their books and records audited yearly by a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) who is licensed to practice in Hong Kong.

    Hong Kong financial reporting standards are known as Financial Reporting Standards (FRS), developed by the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB). Except for three interpretations, Standards and Interpretations are almost similar to their international counterparts- The International Financial Reporting Standards.

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