Selling online? We streamline your ecommerce accounting.

Precise, efficient, paper-less.
We're well versed in the ecommerce business and ready to turn your statements into actionable financial advice.


Bookkeeping, reporting and tax-filing for multiple ecommerce platforms

What usually requires an expensive in-house team can be outsourced to our team, in full.

The PikoHANA accounting process for ecommerce businesses in Singapore

Paperless and automated

We take statements from Shopify, Woocommerce, Lazada or Shopee and turn them into actionable data. Everything is in the cloud, where both you and our team can access all your financials. At any time of the day.

A qualified team who looks after you

Our team includes several Chartered Accountants who are experts at compiling reports, claiming reliefs and spotting mistakes before it’s too late. Oh, and our response time is < 30 minutes!

Simple, transparent pricing

Our flat monthly fee includes everything you need to be a compliant company: accounting, bookkeeping, taxes. It even covers your Xero subscription! 

Matt Foley Pikohana MD

Nice to meet you, I'm Matt Foley!

And if there’s one thing I hate… that’s being nickel-and-dimed by salesy accountants. 

That’s why at PikoHANA our affordable monthly plans cover bookkeeping, reporting, taxes AND you can even have us do your corporate secretarial services. Hiring us will actually save you money compared to DIY or having an in-house team. 

Our secret sauce? A passionate team I poached from “Big 4” companies and equipped with the latest technology, so we can deliver better value to you but at a sensible price tag. 

So, are you ready to switch to PikoHANA and breathe a sigh of relief?

Your company is in capable, responsive, precise hands with us. 

All plans cover what most companies need

Precise Accounting, Reliable Bookkeeping, Timely Taxes

For any extra need, browse our additional services below


For new startups with less than 10 bank transactions per month

SGD 99

Per month

A company of this size would usually hire a bookkeeper for $200-$500 + $200 corp sec fees + $50 software each month.


For growing companies with up to 40 bank transactions per month

SGD 199

Per month

A company of this size would usually hire a bookkeeper for $500-$1000 (or have a full-time accounts person for $3000-$5000) + $300 corp sec fees + $100 software each month.


For medium-sized companies with a bigger team and up to 100 bank transactions per month

SGD 399

Per month

A company of this size would usually pay for: CFO ($5-10k), accounts exec ($3-5k), bookkeeper ($2-3k), external corp sec ($2-5k), software ($200). Each month. 

Additional Services

We know you might need extra help, so we have a variety of additional services to add to your package

Payment processing

SGD 50/month for 10 payments

10 Payments/month

Extra payments at SGD 50/month for 10 payments

Customer Invoicing & Collections Management

SGD 100/month for 10 invoices

Extra invoicing will be priced at SGD 100/month for blocks of ten invoices

Payroll and Employee Expense Reporting Services

SGD 50/month for 1 employee

Additional employee will be priced at SGD 50/month per employee

File superannuation (i.e., CPF, EPF, etc.) for citizens and/or PR employees

Issuance of pay slips and tax forms to employees

Administer leave or claims from employees

Employee & contractor expense reporting

Inclusive of payroll & expense reporting system fees

Preparation & Filling of Quaterly GST Return

SGD 250/month

Assumes non-consolidated tax support

Corporate Secretarial Services

Monthly fee SGD$100

Corporate secretary, incl. named secretary

Provision of four (quarterly) director’s resolutions and minutes of the meeting per annum, noting that resolutions outside the normal course of business, such as rights issuances, share offerings, etc. will be charged for separately as agreed between the parties in advance

Maintain the company files with respect to the articles of association, copies of resolutions, minutes of shareholders’ meetings, official registrations, copies of annual accounts

Maintenance of the company’s internal shareholder register, inclusive of payroll & expense reporting system fees

Preparation and submission of the Annual Return & Filing

Preparation and submission of XBRL filing to ACRA

Convene the AGM as stipulated by the company’s Constitution or M&A

Includes change of directors & all filings in the normal course of business.

PikoHANA’s fee does not include government filing fees

Incorporation Services

One-time fee of SGD 1,000

Incorporation of a Singapore Private Limited company

Waived if you purchase any of the basic accounting packages with corporate secretarial and nominee director services and pay the annual cost of these services in advance.

Fee does not include government filing fees

Nominee Director Services

SGD 250/month

Resident Nominee Director

It is a statutory requirement for a company to have a minimum of one director who is ordinary resident in Singapore

Subject to signing standard indemnification agreement

Audit support services

Management of statutory financial audit

One-time fee of SGD 2,500

End-to-end audit support

Liaising with auditors and responding to various audit inquiries

Providing auditors with access to financial records and supporting documentation

Assumes non-consolidated audit support

Preparation of consolidated FRS Report - Audited and Unaudited

One Time fee of SGD 1,500 (for two (2) companies)

SGD 500 for each additional company in the Group

Additional entity

Setting up of accounting & payroll systems

One-time fee of SGD 500

Filing and submission of annual returns

Annual fee of SGD 500

PikoHANA’s fee does not include government filing fees

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