Advantages of Having your Business Incorporate in Singapore

Incorporating a small business can be a difficult and risky decision but its benefits are endless. Incorporation provides businesses with significant tax and legal advantages, while also helping business owners in limiting their personal liability. A common practice among leaders of small businesses is to start out with sole proprietorships or partnerships. Though incorporation requires more paperwork and initial effort, it reaps better results in the long run.

Important Benefits of having your small business Incorporate in Singapore :

Limits Personal Liability – Incorporating a business limits the personal liability of the owner. In the case of a sole proprietorship, the owner of the business assumes all the liability but in corporations, the owner’s liability is restricted to the amount he has invested in the company. This helps the owner to protect his personal assets, in case, the company incurs debt.

With the help of Singapore business incorporate services, small businesses can now avail of all benefits of incorporating their company.

Access to Tax Benefits – Incorporating a company early, gives the business owners access to significant tax benefits.

Enhances Company Credibility – Business associates, customers or the business landscape in general, consider corporations to be more stable and promising. Incorporating a company increases its credibility, hence, enhancing business operations and growth.

Singapore business incorporate services in the country to help businesses incorporate with ease.

Advantages of Having your Business Incorporate in Singapore

More and more businesses are moving to Singapore because of its world-class business environment. Incorporate in Singapore as the country is a bustling commercial hub and has become an attractive location for launching startups.

As per global statistical reports, Singapore has always been on the top. According to the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business Report 2018, Singapore has been ranked second among 190 countries in the world. The country also ranks fourth in the world for providing the best protection of intellectual property to businesses, as per the Global Competitiveness Report 2017-18. There are several other reasons that makes Singapore the first choice among South Asian countries for incorporating businesses. They are:

A feasible tax system with affordable tax rates for incorporate Singapore company – An incorporate Singapore company has access to reasonable tax benefits, tax minimizations and, double tax avoidance agreements. The government charges no tax on capital gains or dividends. Moreover, new businesses even receive huge tax cuts for the first three years of their business, thus allowing the companies to make their mark in the corporate market.  If businesses invest in employee benefit programs, the government allows additional tax benefits in addition to the ones already existing for foreign entrepreneurs.

Simple Corporate Policies – The Singapore government has created a growth environment for businesses with its open corporate policies. The authorities have incorporated several innovative and pro-entrepreneur policies to attract foreign entrepreneurs and create a startup-friendly ecosystem for businesses to thrive and grow. Moreover, new businesses categorized under certain economic sectors can also avail subsidized labor costs from the government. The entire system is free of excessive red-tapism and the requirements for setting up an incorporate Singapore company are straight-forward and quite simple.

Excellent Infrastructure, Stable Economy leading to easy access to capital– Singapore boasts an excellent quality of life with a stable political and economic climate. Incorporate in Singapore for a top-class corporate experience. Outsource company incorporation services Singapore and get access to easy capital because of stable jurisdiction in the country, that sustains banks, VCs and incubators for new business leaders to request grants at any stage of their company’s growth. Banks in Singapore also issue letters of credit to companies that engage in international trading in an easy and stress-free process.

Incorporate in Singapore with PikoHANA’s Smooth Company Incorporation Services

PikoHANA provides smooth and hassle-free company incorporation services Singapore. Launch your own incorporate Singapore company as PikoHANA gives you access to easy EntrePass in Singapore. Business owners can now focus on the growth of their business without having to fret over their EntrePass in Singapore with the help of PikoHANA’s offerings of company incorporation in Singapore.

PikoHANA’s Singapore company incorporation services include several features as part of their Corporate Secretarial Services. Post the process of providing foreign entrepreneurs with their EntrePass in Singapore, businesses can get maximum benefits out of the company’s corporate secretarial services Singapore. 

The Advantages of PikoHANA’s  Company Incorporation Services Singapore:

PikoHANA provides exceptional company Singapore incorporate services to businesses. One of the biggest advantages of company Singapore incorporate services is that it helps foreign entrepreneurs with all legal and corporate policies. PikoHANA offers company incorporation in Singapore to assist businesses to seamlessly set up shop in the country.

Singapore Corporate Secretarial Services by PikoHANA includes maintenance of the company’s internal shareholder register. Corporate secretarial services also include maintaining and managing the company’s records and files.

Corporate Secretarial Services including named Secretary.

PikoHANA provides quarterly Director’ resolutions as part of their Singapore corporate secretarial services.

Benefits under PikoHANA’s Singapore corporate secretarial services include the preparation and filing of the business’s annual returns.

Corporate Secretarial Services by PikoHANA also takes care of convening Annual General Meetings of the company as stipulated by the business constitution as part of complying with Mergers and Acquisitions policy of the organization. When businesses partner with firms that provide Singapore company incorporation services, they can get corporate services as an additional benefit.

There are various important additional benefits businesses can get when they choose PikoHANA to provide them with corporate secretarial services in Singapore. Such services include the following:

Nominee Director Services – Among other corporate secretarial services in Singapore provided by PikoHANA, businesses also get easy access to nominee director services. Any incorporate Singapore company requires to have one Director who is a resident of Singapore as per government policies. PikoHANA helps foreign entrepreneurs establish nomination of local resident Directors in Singapore.

Business Process Services – PikoHANA’s Singapore corporate secretarial services are not limited to just providing secretarial services in Singapore. The company provides holistic and reasonable business process outsourcing services to companies as part of secretarial services in Singapore to allow companies to focus on growing and scaling their business. These service features are specifically designed to complement a company’s financial and organizational goals.

Company Singapore incorporate services that help businesses settle down in Singapore with ease. PikoHANA efficiently partners with a business’s key stakeholders to remain compliant with the timelines, resources and business regulations. In conclusion, it is not an easy decision to incorporate a company very early in the business. But because of its many benefits, this decision can change the growth course of a business towards the better.At PikoHANA, the unending range of features will help your business settle down, hassle-free in Singapore. Incorporate in Singapore to reap the maximum benefits out of your business venture and scale your organization’s growth to new heights.

Incorporate your Business in Singapore, hassle-free with PikoHANA

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