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Back-Office SME For SMEs – Subject Matter Expert With Strong Technical Capability

SME for SMEs – Subject Matter Expert With Strong Technical Capability

Have you ever wanted to digitize your back office but just don’t know where and how to start? Whose advice are you taking when building your operational needs?

These are the questions you must be asking yourself while starting your venture in Singapore.

PikoHANA strongly supports the Singapore government’s push in digitisation and becoming future-ready especially for Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs). 

However, a few of the SMEs are hesitant to digitise their back-office processes with the help of an accounting service provider. And even if they seek assistance from an IT service provider, it is more likely that the provider lacks the necessary experience and background in both accounting and technology. After all, it is a mammoth task!

Moreover, your end users may think that they know what they want, but are they the right people to assist you in designing a solution? Maybe not!

Embracing Subject Matter Expert (SME) is the new rainmaker!

Engage with the right Subject Matter Expert who can help you in scaling your business with ease in Singapore, here are a few factors that you must consider.

The Right Partner

Finding the right partner and planning the journey to success with them is pertinent. Getting the foundation right from the onset is the key to growth and sustainability.  We’ve all heard the term subject matter expert or SME. In fact, you’re a subject matter expert in certain regards if you’re being paid to translate end-user requirements into design solutions. 

However, you’re likely not the right person to certify that the solution you’re suggesting is the right solution. You may do the heavy lifting in creating the requirements, but when push comes to shove, you better make sure you have the right experts to endorse your solution. SME is someone who can offer leadership insight and new strategies.

Understanding of back-office process and technology

Many IT consultants are well versed in systems, functions, and features. However, when it comes to regulatory compliance and best practices on back-office processes, you would need someone who has the relevant finance background.  

PikoHANA is uniquely positioned because we are an SME in Finance and Corporate Restructuring with strong technical capabilities, which is rare.

We have been deploying the best of breed cloud technology for our clients over the last 4 years. Coupled with our own “single source of truth” AO dashboard that provides up to date financial reports, organisations are able to make informed decisions without being blindsided with insufficient or outdated data. 

We understand your needs and provide you with the services that can enhance your business fast and at an affordable rate. 

Book a free 30 minutes consultation with our accounting experts. 

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