Corporate Services

corporate secretarial services

Corporate Secretarial including Named Secretary

Provision of Quarterly Directors’ Resolutions

Company Records and Files Maintenance

Maintenance of the Company’s Internal Shareholder Register

Prepare and File Annual Returns

Convene the AGM as stipulated by the Company’s Constitution or M&A

company incorporation services

More and more businesses are moving to Singapore – South Asia’s most bustling commercial hub. Singapore is the perfect place to incorporate a business simply because of its stable economic and political climate. Furthermore, the Singapore government has made it extremely simple to operate businesses with its open corporate policies that allow enterprises to grow here.

nominee director services

Companies having operations in Singapore are required to have at least one Director who is a resident of Singapore. PikoHANA helps companies to establish nomination of local resident directors.

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business process services

PikoHANA offers comprehensive and cost-effective business process outsourcing services that complement your Financial and Organizational business goals. We partner with your key stakeholders to ensure all outsourced processes are compliant and up-to-date with respect to resources, timelines and business regulations. We do the heavy lifting so that your leadership can focus on higher value tasks and overall business mission.

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Corporate Services

Company Restructuring

Digitization of Accounting Operations

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