Have questions? We've got answers

PikoHANA is the back-office automation specialist for small businesses.

We’re very different from conventional accounting firms or service providers so we know you probably have dozens of questions you want to ask us before deciding if we’re right for each other. 

This is why we have collected below questions asked from other business owners like you. 

Yes, we will cover the cost of all the systems/software we deploy, including Xero!

You can stop your Xero subscription when we onboard you and save extra money.

We can hand-back the systems.  We’ll have a clause in the contact.  This will not be an issue.

Yes we can. We will charge you a fee that’s relative to the amount of work involved. 

We'll automate your back-office so you can get back to growing your business.

PikoHANA is much more than just a business services provider for small businesses. As back office automation specialists, we handle accounting, tax preparation, payroll and admin by automating 75% of the tasks and dealing with the remaining 25%.

What makes us different is the love and attention we have for our customers. This, combined with state of the art technology and an experienced team, means you will never have to worry about paying vendors or dealing with banks.

In short, we take care of your back-office so you don’t have to.

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