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Client Onboarding Process

A successfully implemented Client Onboarding process reduces miscommunication and increases clarity. It helps PIKOHANA and its clients to systematically communicate expectations and needs on both ends.

Pre-Onboarding Process

  1. Client Engagement: at this stage, the client fills out a contact form to schedule a preliminary call with PIKOHANA.
  2. Preliminary Intake Call, wherein PIKOHANA discusses the following:
  • Documentary requirements such as Board Resolutions, Company Directors/Owners/Shareholders/Officers’ Information Sheets
  • A brief on Customer Due Diligence process including the completion of the Client Acceptance for Due Diligence form.
  • A brief on the onboarding process.

3. Contract between PIKOHANA and client is signed by both parties.

4. In-person meeting (Covid-19 permitting) between the client and PIKOHANA:

  • To learn more about the client and understand their business and interests
  • To gather the required documents as discussed during the preliminary call
  • To discuss the Customer Due Diligence process to be conducted
  • To present PIKOHANA‘s Onboarding Plan and sets up a coordination meeting to finalize the plan, tailored to the client’s needs, and identifying the client’s and PIKOHANA‘s point persons

Onboarding Plan

The Onboarding plan specific for the client is prepared by PIKOHANA and presented for discussion and finalization with the client.

  • Onboarding Plan template is used as a starting point in the planning phase. Since provides services tailored to suit individual client needs, every onboarding process is created and finalized specifically for the client.

Client Onboarding

Once the onboarding plan is finalized and agreed upon by both PIKOHANA and the client, it is time to put the plan into action!