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Guide to Tax Reporting Time Frame, Waiver and Exemptions

Required Corporate Income Tax Reports

All companies, including new companies, are required to submit two Corporate Income Tax forms to IRAS every year. The Singapore Company Tax Filing deadlines are as follows:

Estimated Chargeable Income (ECI) Form

  • Must be filed within three (3) months from the company’s financial year, with exceptions for:
    • (a) companies that fulfill the conditions under the Administrative Concession; and
    • (b) certain entities that are not required to file ECI*

Corporate Income Tax Returns commonly known as Form C-S or Form C

  • Must be filed by 30 November of each year except for dormant companies for which IRAS has waived the requirement to file.

ECI Waiver

Companies are required to determine if they meet the criteria in the waiver of the requirement to file ECI. The criteria are:

1. Annual revenue is not more than $1 million for the financial year; and

2. ECI is NIL for the YA.

Companies that meet the criteria do not need to file their ECI for that particular YA. There is no need to inform IRAS. If they do not meet any of the criteria, they have to file their ECI for that particular YA.

The following entities are not required to file ECI:

The following entities are not required to file ECI:

  • Foreign ship owners or charterers for whom the Shipping Return (75KB) has been, or would be, submitted by the local shipping agent;
  • Foreign universities;
  • Designated unit trusts and approved CPF unit trusts;
  • Real estate investment trusts that have been granted the tax treatment under Section 43(2) of the Income Tax Act;
  • Any other specific case granted waiver to furnish ECI by IRAS, e.g., via an advance ruling issued.