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Handling Ad Hoc Requests

Client Ad Hoc Request or Task

An client Ad Hoc Request could be one of the following task types:

  • A task or job that is not within the scope of our agreement/contract
  • A payment to be made outside of agreed cadence
  • Tasks that are within the scope of our agreement but have been requested to be accomplished much earlier than the agreed cadence, causing tighter time frames for the team
  • Tasks that demand immediate attention, which do not always leave ample time for manpower planning and resource allocation. In these instances the team usually rely on minimal resources.

Handling Ad Hoc Requests

Though accepting Ad Hoc Requests may create resource shortage and schedule disturbances for the PIKOHANA team, we always make sure that we remain ready and skilled enough to handle and manage our client’s Ad Hoc requests.

Billing for Ad Hoc Requests

PIKOHANA shall charge a minimum of S$100 for every Ad Hoc request by the client. A higher rate may be charged depending on the difficulty and impact of the request. This will be discussed with the client before the Ad Hoc task is started.