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PikoHANA: Equal Opportunity Employment Policy – PHMS-400-1.2-PL


This policy sets out PIKOHANA‘s commitment to Equal Opportunity Employment for all of its employees, regardless of position or status.


  • The Managing Director is responsible for ensuring ‘s business is conducted fully in compliance with the requirements with this policy.
  • All employees of are expected to comply with the provisions of this policy and have the responsibility or reporting non-compliant practices.


  1. PIKOHANA strongly believes in and adheres to Equal Opportunity.
  2. All staff regardless of position, employment status (eg permanent, self-employed, agency, temporary or other), gender, age, ethnicity/race, beliefs, marital status, nationality, disability, or sexual orientation are to be treated with respect and fairness at all times.
  3. PIKOHANA hires and promotes staff solely on the basis of the best person for the position. No referrals or endorsements may supersede skills and qualifications in the Selection Process.  
  4. All employee performance assessments are to be based on set criteria separate to any equal opportunity data.
  5. Employees are encouraged to discuss any matters relating to equal opportunity with their manager or with HR.


  1. Violations of the Equal Opportunity Employment Policy may result in civil and regulatory penalties against PIKOHANA and individual employees. This could negatively impact PIKOHANA’s ability to conduct business in particular jurisdictions.
  2. Failure to comply with this Policy may also result in disciplinary action, including termination of employment. Any investigation and disciplinary actions shall be in accordance with the Personnel Policy on Disciplinary Actions.


  1. This policy is reviewed every 12 months in compliance with the Quality Management Policy.
  2. Associated procedures and guidelines are also reviewed with the policy.