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Piko​HANA’s Clients

PikoHANA serves SMEs, which comprise 90% of the enterprises in Asia, and 60% of the region’s GDP.

Typically, our clients have anywhere from 1 – 50 employees with an annual revenue of $250k to $10M. Sectors we currently service include media, technology services, applications, fin-tech, quantum computing, business councils, education, family offices, and funds.

Although we claim to be sector agnostic, we currently don’t provide service to the manufacturing industry, given this sector’s inventory management requirements. However, depending on the client and our alignment on terms, then we will gladly consider the opportunity.

Key issues facing SMEs

  • Improving profitability and cash flow
  • Lack of information visibility
  • Unrelenting requirements for growth and efficiency
  • Outdated systems and inconsistent processes
  • Compliance with changing government & industry standards
  • Funds and time spent running back-office is far more than they’re worth
  • Responsiveness of service providers

SMEs that come to us are usually in a situation we call ‘hitting the wall’, wherein they have limited access to information, which causes problems when managing working capital or determining how to allocate capital and resources.

This often presents as vendors and employees who are not being paid on a timely basis, or within agreed upon terms, which soils a company’s reputation in the market. Often the management team is completely distracted by the ‘noise’ of back-office operations, which sidetracks them from what they should be focused on: driving revenue and customer engagement.

In many cases, the client’s back-office is managed by an accountant who is resistant to change and relies on outdated systems and manual reporting processes, the most notorious example being excel spreadsheets.

These issues create a highly unproductive and costly environment for the typical SME, and usually lead to issues with the local regulatory, tax authorities, and shareholders.

How Do We Determine if a Client will Benefit from Our Services?

We provide a complimentary assessment for businesses who to come to us and are serious about using our services. This assessment entails the following:

  • Identify business value
  • Examine their current state
  • Create the business case and comprehensive project plan
  • Assess upside from deploying ’s solution
  • Provide feedback to the client
  • If appropriate, draft proposal for the client’s review and approval

​PikoHANA won’t engage unless we firmly believe that we can dramatically improve productivity and materially reduce the cost of the business’ back-office as compared with alternative solutions. Our clients see an average of 30%+ cost reduction and in some cases, 50% or even more.