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Submitting Expense Claims in Xero

You can create and submit a company expense claim if you have made a purchase with a company credit card or money (i.e. petty cash). The overall process is as follows:

1. In the Business menu, select Expense claims.

2. Click New expense, then select Expense claim.

3. Click Itemize

Once you select Itemize, the screen will change so you can update the fields for multiple line items on your expense claim.  Be sure to also click ‘Company Money’ and select the Bank Account from which payment will be made:

4. Click Upload to upload an image of your Credit Card statement and receipts.

5. Enter details in the Spent at and Spent on fields.

6.  Create or Select the Label ‘Credit Card Statement’ or ‘Petty Cash’ 

7. Enter details of what the purchase was for under Description.

8. Select the Account.

9. Select ‘No Tax’ or ‘Tax Exempt’ for the Tax Rate.

10. Enter details in the Spent at and Spent on fields.

11. (Optional) Apply tracking categories if they’ve been set up in your organisation.The completed expense form should look something like this:

12. To add the next Expense, select Add another item and repeat the process.That’s the overall process, so to learn more, please go to this link.