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What if I have employees or accountants currently managing the back office?

Employee welfare, treating others with respect, and the fair treatment of others are core values of PIKOHANA.

The impact of outsourcing the back-office will depend on the needs of the organization and is unique to each business. In most cases, employees are never made redundant because they’re redeployed to higher value-adding projects and/or tasks.

PIKOHANA addresses an existing resource gap in the organization, where staff were never required in the first place and therefore will not be made redundant.

A good example, which is a common occurrence, is a Finance Director who is relying on a senior administrative person or accountant to run the back-office operations. Individuals in this situation are usually overwhelmed and need help. Once PIKOHANA comes in, we close this resource gap and allow the existing team to do more valuable things for the business, which in turn improves productivity and the business’s bottom line. 

In the rare instance that employees are made redundant, our approach is to provide as much transparency as possible while ensuring impacted employees are treated with respect and supported during their transition out of the business.  We do this by providing career counseling, mentoring, and job seeking assistance. We also introduce them to our other clients who may need assistance.

At the end of the day, PIKOHANA is going to do the right thing for our clients and their employees – our reputation depends on it!