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What is CorpPass?

What is CorpPass?

Owned by Ministry of Finance and managed by the Government Technology Agency (GovTech), Singapore Corporate Access (CorpPass) is a corporate digital identity for businesses and other entities (such as non-profit organisations and associations) used to transact with Government agencies online.

CorpPass supports the Smart Nation objectives, and the Government’s aim to create secure and reliable digital services for citizens and businesses. 

What can you do with CorpPass?

  • Centralise: users’ access to over 30 digital services can be controlled/authorised.
  • Customise: digital service access of individual users can be customised.
  • Authorise: third party service providers can be authorised to transact on the organisation’s behalf for selected digital services.

CorpPass Eligibility

  • Local Entities with Unique Entity Number (UEN)
    • Locally registered organisations that have been issued a UEN by the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) or other UEN-issuance agency
  • Foreign business entities
    • Overseas Organizations without a local UEN who wish to access the Government-to-Business digital services in Singapore
    • The availability of CorpPass login for foreign entities is subject to provisions by the Agency’s digital services.
  • Local Entities without Unique Entity Number (UEN) are NOT eligible
    • Local Entities operating in Singapore but not issued a UEN
    • The entity may obtain a UEN by registering itseld with an appropriate UEN issuance agency.

CorpPass Roles and Responsibilities

Know, select and appoint people who will undertake the the different CorpPass Roles for the business

Registered Officer

  • Person officially registered to the entity with ACRA or a relevant UEN-issuance agency
  • The RO nominates the CorpPass Admin and approves CorpPass Admin registration requests
  • Does not need a CorpPass Account, unless he chooses to be a CorpPass Admin

CorpPass Admin

  • Person selected by the RO to manage CorpPass for the entity.
    • For local entities with a UEN, the Corpass Admin has to be a SingPass holder.
  • Maximum of 2 CorpPass Admin per entity is allowed


  • Account created by CorpPass Admin to help manage CorpPass for the entity
  • Can mange all digital services by default, unless restricted by CorpPass Admin

Enquiry User

  • Account created by CorpPass Admin to have an overview of entity’s users and digital service access


  • Account created by CorpPass Admin to transact with digital services assigned to them.

Register and Get Started on CorpPass

1. Appoint the CorpPass Admin.

2. Register Online.

3. Approve CorpPass Admin online.

4. Create other users and setup the digital service access.