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    The all-in-one concierge service that covers tax, accounting, bookkeeping and corporate secretarial services. Made for SMEs with less than 200 employees. We’re based in Singapore but you don’t have to be – we’re 100% paperless and remote.

    We know finding a good outsourced provider is hard.

    Companies are in either of these situations when they approach us: 

    • You have an outsourced provider who is not meeting your expectations. The most common complaint we hear is having to jump through hoops to talk to a real person, but filing delays are also common. 
    • You are doing your own accounting to save money, and starting to realise it’s a lousy use of your time – not to mention the potential for costly errors 
    • You have an in-house team who could be doing more important, high-value work

    These are the key issues we want to fix for you through our fractional finance service: we offer accuracy at a fair price, with a personal touch. 

    Who benefits from having a fractional finance team?


    Work/life balance is your middle name.

    You want to focus on creating, not admin work. You’re good at what you do, so your business grows faster than you can hire VAs. Your business has high margins so you’re not about to ruin them by paying for a private office and hiring a full time team. 

    You need an easy, effective way to be compliant while reducing your tax bill. 

    Solopreneurs are 27% of our client base. Most of them are digital nomads too!


    You’re busy. SO busy, you don’t have time to hire more people. 

    Audits, reports, projections… there are not enough hours in the day. You want to provide strategic value to your company, and instead you’re dealing with expense claims on Excel. 

    You need a reliable, compliant and effective solution that will give you more energy to shine. And better profit margins. 

    We love working with CFOs so much we developed a whole software to make your life easier. 

    business owners

    You’ve lost count of how many hats you wear… in a day. 

    You’re growing, but you’re not sure if hiring a full-time finance person is the right choice. Maybe you’ve tried part-time bookkeepers, DIY or one of those automated solutions that promises to save time…. nothing fit you just right. 

    You need someone who truly understands your business and can do more than just “the books” but without costing an arm and a leg. 

    We are proud to serve organisations in the startup, education, and ecommerce industries. 

    Ambitious entrepreneurs

    Made for ambitious entrepreneurs

    Some of our clients are just getting started. Others are further along in their journey. We will support you throughout!

    Here are some of our clients’ latest achievements:

    They love the ease of working with us!

    Trusted by

    Matt Foley Pikohana MD

    A word from the founder

    Matt Foley, started PikoHANA because of… well, crap service providers who were difficult and expensive to work with.

    With more than 20-years as an operational finance executive in the US, Hong Kong and finally Singapore, Matt has dealt extensively with corporate service providers, and the two things he always encountered were poor service quality and response times, and expensive support costs.  In short, shit support at a premium price – the exact opposite of what is normally expected!

    So, in 2015, PikoHANA was founded with the ambition to provide a high quality of service with rapid response times at a reasonable price.

    Knowing how difficult it is for SMEs to hire quality talent in Singapore, PikoHANA does the hard work for you and allows you to tap in to our various domain expertises.


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