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How To Incorporate A Company In Singapore Within A Budget?

The increasing number of businesses in Singapore can be attributed to the well-developed infrastructure, business-flexible government regulations, transparent laws and more. However, to make the entire process of company formation in Singapore easy and affordable, one must consider the need to outsource company incorporation services to the experts in the arena. 

When governments around the world are envisioning entrepreneurship to create jobs and drive the economy ahead, it’s worth taking a look at the growth story adopted by the Singapore government.

The journey from planning, chalking out the right methods to set up the business and finally setting up the office ensuring compliance with the legal requirements of the country is tedious.

This is also highly time consuming and costly, that businesses need to deal with. 

Moreover, while setting up any business, the most important aspect to look out for is formation of the teams, building business strategies, getting clients and service delivery. Thus the need to outsource foreign company registration in Singapore is paramount. This also helps managements to solely focus on the more important tasks while experts take care of every detail of company incorporation.

Most importantly, if enterprises have a planned out budget for setting up a company then there is no better alternative to outsourcing company formation services in Singapore. There are a plethora of ways in which outsourcing incorporation services can help you in setting up a company in Singapore. Here are a few most important of them.

It’s quick and easy to set up a business with company incorporation outsourcing in Singapore

Unlike other countries, it takes just a few days to register a foreign company in Singapore. However, there are a plethora of documents and information that are required to be submitted to the government. There is a need to invest a lot of time in paper works and it requires expertise and knowledge in the arena to get the incorporation done with ease. 

Also the enterprises need to be very sure of every step and what best works for them. Smart enterprises outsource incorporation as it is one of the best ways to keep any hurdles or impediments in the process of company incorporation in Singapore at bay. 

Enterprises can enjoy lower tax liability by outsourcing company incorporation services singapore

Setting up a business in another jurisdiction makes it crucial for enterprises to keep a close watch on the taxes and liabilities involved. It is one of the most important concerns for businesses and an expert in the arena must be given the responsibility to take care of all the tasks related to this.

Outsourcing corporate incorporation services can assist businesses to seamlessly manage the taxes and other liabilities related to them and help them align every financial task with the legalities of the country. 

However, there are enterprises that take care of the tax duties themselves by hiring employees. Hiring professionals with in-depth knowledge about Singapore and its laws can be a costly affair. Forming a team of accounting professionals and providing them with updated technology infrastructure can be daunting too. 

This calls for outsourcing the process of setting up a company in Singapore at affordable rates.

Leverage latest technologies at affordable rates while incorporating a company in Singapore

Company incorporation services in Singapore are not only affordable but also the best way to make use of cutting edge technologies while working on the back office tasks. Accounting and business incorporation experts in Singapore such as PikoHANA, use new-age cloud technologies to perform all back office tasks for their clients. 

This enhances visibility of the accounting tasks and cuts down the cost of setting up a company in Singapore. Here is how:

  • New companies or branches don’t need to hire professionals with expertise in technology
  • Outsourced partners are experts with years of experience in corporate incorporation in Singapore
  • The experts use new age technologies to carry out all the back-office tasks proficiently
  • Outsourcing incorporation is much more affordable than hiring professionals and deploying technologies
  • Enterprises can get a full-fledged team of company incorporation professionals

You can focus on revenue generation while professionals help you set up your company in Singapore

The management focusing entirely on the task related to incorporation of a company in Singapore can take a huge toll on revenue generation. 

To keep the business rolling, the management needs sheer expertise in services and delivery that they can get out of expert professionals. However, hiring isn’t an affordable option for many businesses who are just starting off. Thus the management needs to find ways to focus on servicing clients more than spending time in dealing with the legalities of setting up a business. 

Outsourcing company formation in Singapore can be beneficial and most importantly affordable in such cases where the experts in the arena take care of your business registration and the management focus on service and product delivery to enhance revenue. It can be affordable and more effective.

Wrapping Up

Choosing the right partners in your company incorporation journey in Singapore is the first step towards success. And enterprises who can get the support of experienced companies like PikoHANA in Singapore can reap the desired benefits with much ease. 

PikoHANA, not only offers corporate incorporation services in Singapore, but goes miles ahead in assisting you with end-to-end back office tasks. A few of PikoHANA’s affordable services are as follow:

Corporate Secretarial Services

  • Corporate secretarial including named secretary
  • Provision of quarterly directors’ resolutions
  • Company records and files maintenance
  • Maintenance of the company’s internal shareholder register
  • Prepare and file annual returns
  • Convene the agm as stipulated by the company’s constitution or m&a

Accounting Services

  • Accounting system support
  • Monthly accounting and bookkeeping support
  • Bank statement reconciliation
  • Vendor invoice processing
  • Preparation of unaudited financial statements
  • Compliance with financial reporting standards
  • Preparation and submission of tax returns

Audit Support Services

  • Management of statutory financial audit
  • End-to-end audit support
  • Liaising with auditors and responding to various audit inquiries
  • Providing auditors with access to financial records and supporting documentation
  • Coordination of documentation to formalize the audit report
  • Preparation of audit report

There is more including payment services, consultation, etc. PikoHANA aims to assist SMEs and other businesses to set up their businesses in Singapore at affordable costs and with utmost efficacy. The team at PikoHANA has expertise in both accounting and technology that they use to help businesses get their desired outcomes fast.

PikoHANA offers 30 minutes free consultation services to businesses who want to learn about the nitty gritties of setting up a business in Singapore. The team understands the needs of the business and suggests the best possible way to get success.

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