Setting up a Company in Singapore?

PikoHANA helps foreigners, Singaporeans, as well as non-residents with the incorporation process.

Flat, transparent fees. A fractional finance team that looks after you.

We take pride in our business registration and company formation expertise. We manage end-to-end documentation, help establish your Nominee Director, and guide you through the entire registration process smoothly.

Matt Foley Pikohana MD

Opening a company in Singapore takes 1 business day and it’s a straightforward process. 

If you’re a foreign national or you’re not a resident of Singapore, you need to go through a corporate secretary

PikoHANA can help you incorporate your company today, and take care of your other corporate needs tomorrow. 

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Open a bank account in Singapore in less than a week!

PikoHANA partners with Aspire Bank to serve customers better – even those who are not in Singapore right now or Singaporeans!

Ultimate Business Destination. Ultimate Price.


  • Incorporation of a Singapore Private Limited company
  • Waived if you purchase any of the Basic Accounting Packages and annual fee in advance
  • Fee does not include government filing fees

One Time Fee of

SGD 1000

Matt Foley Pikohana MD

Nice to meet you, I'm Matt Foley!

And if there’s one thing I hate… that’s being nickel-and-dimed by salesy accountants. 

That’s why at PikoHANA our affordable monthly plans cover bookkeeping, reporting, taxes AND you can even have us do your corporate secretarial services. Hiring us will actually save you money compared to DIY or having an in-house team. 

The icing on the cake? A passionate team I poached from “Big 4” companies and equipped with the latest technology, so we can deliver better value to you but at a sensible price tag. 

So, are you ready to switch to PikoHANA and breathe a sigh of relief?

Your company is in capable, responsive, precise hands with us. 

Plans & Pricing

Our work replaces 1.5 full-time employees on average. They can now focus on higher value activities!

Choose your plan


10 bank transactions per month

SGD 99

Per month

A company of this size would usually hire a bookkeeper + corp sec fees + software. That’s between $450-700 each month.


40 bank transactions per month

SGD 199

Per month

A company of this size would usually hire a part-time bookkeeper (or have a full-time accounts person) + corp sec + software each month. That’s between $900-$5400 each month.


100 bank transactions per month

SGD 399

Per month

A company of this size would usually pay for: CFO, accounts exec, bookkeeper, external corp sec, software. That’s between $12000 – $23000.

Choose your add-ons

  • $1000


  • Incorporation as a Singapore Private Limited company
  • Account opening with Aspire
  • Excludes government fees of $500
  • $250 per month


  • This is a statutory requirement for a Company to have a minimum of one director who is an ordinary resident in Singapore.
  • Subject to signing standard indemnification agreement
  • $150 per month


  • Corporate secretarial, incl. named secretary
  • Registered office address
  • Provision of four (i.e., quarterly) director’s resolutions and minutes of the meeting per annum, noting that resolutions outside the normal course of business, such as rights issuances, share offerings, etc. will be charged for separately
  • Maintenance of company files with respect to the articles of association, copies of resolutions, official registrations, copies of annual accounts
  • Preparation and submission of the annual return & filing
  • Preparation and submission of the filing to ACRA
  • Convene the AGM as stipulated by the company’s constitution or M&A
  • Includes XBRL filing (usually a separate charge of $600 by most service providers)
  • Included in Corporate Secretarial Services.
  • $100 per month


  • Accounting for all GST transactions monthly
  • Preparation of quarterly GST return
  • Filing of quarterly GST return
  • $50 per month (for every block of 10 payments)


  • We only prepare payments after seeking approval from the company’s authorized person(s)
  • The company will be responsible for the final review and approval of payments
  • $100 per month (for every block of 10 payments)


  • Drafting of client invoices
    – Revenue recognition
    – Distribution of client invoices via email

Please note that we will only send invoices to your clients via email from our invoicing system after seeking approval from the company’s authorized person(s)

  • PikoHANA is not responsible for
    follow-up calls or chasing payments.
  • $25 per month per employee


  • Payroll support for active employees &
  • Filing payroll reports with government agencies
  • Issuance of pay slips to employees
  • Leave administration (i.e., not approval)
  • Employee & contractor expense reporting based on single approver
  • Inclusive of payroll & expense reporting system fees

Please note this does not include payment processing, which is covered by Option #1 above

  • $350 per filing (once a year)


  • All companies, including new companies, are required to file the ECI within three months from the end of their financial year.
  • Your company does not need to file the ECI if it meets the following criteria:
    • Annual revenue is not more than $5 million for the financial year; and ECI is NIL for the YA.
  • So, if your company is profitable, then you must file the ECI no matter what your revenue is.

Included in each monthly package (ie Xero, Talenox).

  • $1500


  • One-time fee of $1,500 covering one company. $500
    will be charged for each additional company in the
  • $2500


  • Audit support, including:
    • Liaising with auditors and responding to
      various audit inquiries.
    • Providing auditors with access to
      financial records and supporting
      documentation; and
    • Coordination of documentation to
      formalize the audit report.

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