Company Registration in Hong Kong

    Hong Kong is a businessman’s dream, a veritable powerhouse that can serve as a cannon for companies looking to explode throughout Asia and the world. Hong Kong is one of the world’s busiest marketplaces, and you should definitely take advantage of it. With PikoHANA, company registration in Hong Kong is a breeze. Many multinational corporations (MNCs) have established successful bases in Hong Kong. 

    In Hong Kong, forming a company is quick, cost-effective, and straightforward. Companies may be easily registered in Hong Kong by a third party even if neither the owner nor any directors live there. Anyone above the age of 18 in Hong Kong may legally form a company. Registration of a Hong Kong corporation takes 5-7 business days after submission of the online application.

    Business Registration in Hong Kong

    Hong Kong, home to one of the world’s most competitive economies, serves as a hub for international trade with China and the rest of Asia. The nation’s closeness to Asian markets, capital independence, powerful financial market, and thriving investment environment are all major draws for foreign investors looking to set up shop in the country. 

    These are the main reasons why investors from all over the world prefer to establish a business in Hong Kong. There has been a rise in the demand for Hong Kong company incorporation services. We at PikoHANA are cognizant of the factors that have made Hong Kong a desirable location for establishing a firm. 

    Owing to our position as a leading agency for company incorporation, Hong Kong, we can supply you with a comprehensive suite of services at the most affordable rates possible. To learn more about Hong Kong company registration and how to set up a business there, you may consult us for a comprehensive guide to Hong Kong Company Registration.

    Our help is guaranteed all the way through the procedure of signing up. Do not hesitate to contact us for any guidance or clarification you may need.

    In this way, you may speed up the process of launching your new company. Depending on the kind of organisation you want to form, a new firm may be up and running in as little as 10 working days.

    Get an estimate from us and know exactly what you’re going to spend before we even get started, with our transparent and fair pricing. There won’t be any surprise costs later on.

    Company Registration In Hong Kong: Brief Overview

    One of the nations whose economy has flourished thanks to the dynamic Asian market is Hong Kong. As one of China’s most populous and economically vibrant cities, Hong Kong is a major hub for international commerce and business. 

    Hong Kong ranks high on the popularity scale because of its abundance of desirable markets. Companies with Hong Kong headquarters or registrations are flourishing. Start taking advantage of Hong Kong’s burgeoning business climate with PikoHANA’s services for company registration in Hong Kong, now.

    Benefits Of Registering Your Company In Hong Kong

    In terms of commercial prospects, Hong Kong has a lot to offer. Let’s take a look at some of the notable possibilities you may expect to see below:

    • Robust e-commerce network and opportunities
    • Favourably structured taxation system
    • Economic and commercial liberty
    • Simple access to mainland China
    • Excellent infrastructure
    • A productive workforce
    • Excellent healthcare and a high quality of life

    Prerequisites To Consider Before Incorporating A Company

    Hong Kong corporation registration requires the following characteristics.

    • Shareholding: Hong Kong private limited companies must have at least one shareholder and no more than 50. Any nationality may become a Hong Kong Company shareholder under the legislation. Foreign companies may have wholly-owned subsidiaries in Hong Kong.
    • Founding Directors: Company registration requires a founding director. This director might be an adult or a corporation. The director might be from any country. A director must not be insolvent or convicted. The legislation lets a lone shareholder be the company’s only director.
    • Company Secretary: At registration, a corporation must designate a company secretary. Company secretaries may be individuals or corporations. Hong Kong company secretaries cannot be directors or sole shareholders.
    • Establish Address: Business registration in Hong Kong requires a real address, not a P.O. Box. The Company Registrar needs this address. All Company Registrar communication occurs here. The firm must register and keep internal records at this location. Residential addresses cannot be registered business addresses.
    • Auditor: Hong Kong companies must hire Chartered Accountants to submit their audited yearly financial statements to the Inland Revenue Department (CA). A practising CA and HKSA member are required.
    • Share Capital: Hong Kong companies may register with any share capital. A business is usually registered with a preliminary authorised share capital of HKD 10,000 and a paid-up share capital of HKD 1.

    Documents Required For Company Registration In Hong Kong

    Several filings with the companies register are required at the time of business registration. This comprises:

    • Articles of Association duly attested to by the Company Secretary. Information needed by sections 81–85 of the Companies Ordinance, such as the company’s name, shareholders, share capital, and limited liability declarations, are included herein. Take note that the need to submit a “memorandum of association” has been removed with the implementation of the new Companies Ordinance.
    • A notarized copy of the shareholder’s or director’s passport and proof of their foreign address
    • Directors and shareholders who are Hong Kong residents must provide a copy of their Hong Kong Identification Card or Passport.
    • A copy of the business’s registration paperwork (such as the firm’s own “articles of association”) that have been certified by an officer of the company.
    • An official incorporation form, filled out in detail and mirroring the information included in the company’s articles of organisation.

    Procedure For Company Registration In Hong Kong

    • Make a decision on the business’s name and structure.
    • The correct fees and an Incorporation Form (Form NNC1 for a company limited by shares or Form NNC1G for a company not limited by shares) must be submitted to the Shroff on the 14th floor of the Queensway Government Offices. This can be done electronically through our “e-Registry” or in hard copy form.
    • If everything checks out, you may get the Certificate of Incorporation and Business Registration Certificate from the state.
    • All additional licences, permits, certifications, and approvals necessary for import/export or other commercial activities in Hong Kong may be found on the Trade and Industry Department website.

    Types Of Business Structures Can You Register In Hong Kong

    Establishing a legal framework for your company is the first and most crucial step in getting your venture off the ground. Consider the following while deciding on a legal form for your company formation in Hong Kong:

    • Limited Liability Company: In Hong Kong, a Limited Liability Company (LLC) is the most popular kind of corporate entity. As a distinct legal organisation, a limited liability corporation (LLC) allows its members to shield their personal assets from corporate debts and lawsuits.
    • Sole Proprietorship: Easy to form, a sole proprietorship is best suited for small, low-risk firms run by a single person. This is not a good option for entrepreneurs since there is no separation of the firm from the owner’s personal assets and the owner is not shielded from business debts.
    • Partnership: In this corporate structure, two or more persons may jointly own a firm. Partnerships provide for the division of labour and a boost in fundraising potential. Partners, however, have both joint and several liability for the acts of any other partners. Since Limited Partnerships provide limited responsibility to its participants, they are by far the most popular kind of partnership.
    • Representative Office of an Overseas Firm: A foreign company may open a branch office, subsidiary, or representative office in Hong Kong.
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Registration is required for all businesses in Hong Kong. Non-corporation businesses must submit their application within a month of their company start date.

    Get in touch with us at PikoHANA for all your registration needs.

    Hong Kong permits 100% foreign ownership of firms, hence it is possible to establish a wholly-owned subsidiary in Hong Kong. As a result of its restricted responsibility and multiple tax benefits, establishing a subsidiary has become the most popular and favoured choice for most international enterprises.

    The Registrar of Businesses maintains an online Cyber Search Centre where interested parties may do searches on the most up-to-date information on registered companies as well as see picture records of papers filed with the Registrar of Companies. 

    There is no difficulty or expense involved in company registration in Hong Kong. In Hong Kong, a foreigner may be the only director and shareholder of a company and possess 100% of the company’s shares. In addition to being a terrific place to do business, Hong Kong serves as a convenient entry point for expanding into China and other Asian markets.

    At PikoHANA, we can help you with all your needs.

    A Hong Kong corporation may be formed by any individual or group that wishes to do so. Additionally, foreigners are not permitted to be the only shareholder. Investors must be above 18 to participate. The company must also have a minimum of one director, who may be either a native or non-native speaker.

    Anyone may form a corporation without needing to be present at the moment the registration is processed. It is possible for non-Hong Kong residents to manage their Hong Kong offshore corporation without ever setting foot on Chinese soil.

    The sections above highlight the minimum requirements to set up a company in Hong Kong.

    We, at PikoHANA, can help you every step of the way. For a brief outline, have a look at the section above.

    Companies that are not based in Hong Kong might benefit from a streamlined process. On average, it takes between 7 and 10 days to register a company.

    One year of registration in Hong Kong costs HK$150 (US$20), or the HK Business Registration Fee (HK BR Fee). Also, for the low, low price of HK$3,650, you may get a certificate that will be good for three years. This Hong Kong Business Registration Fee is required before you can apply for a Business Registration Certificate.

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