Company Registration in Singapore

    Company Registration, Singapore

    Singapore, as one of the “Four Asian Dragons,” provides a plethora of opportunities for growing companies.

    Located in Southeast Asia, Singapore has a long history as a centre for business investment and has a rich cultural legacy. This nation is one of Asia’s fastest-growing economies.

    Singapore is a popular destination for international investors due to its business-friendly policies and technological advancements. Singapore’s advantageous position in Southeast Asia facilitates its exports, imports, and foreign exchange. 

    Company registration here is overseen primarily by the Accountability and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA). Businesses, public accountants, and corporate service providers in Singapore are all within its purview of regulation.

    Creating a new Singapore corporation as a foreigner might be a challenging undertaking. Therefore, PikoHANA is here to assist you with its company incorporation services, Singapore, through the full procedure and register your business.

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    A company setup, Singapore, is the best option if you want to take use of the city-state’s advantages as a remote/offshore base without having to spend a lot of money on things like office space.

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    Company Registration in Singapore: An Overview

    Singapore company incorporation entails choosing a suitable firm name, filling out the necessary paperwork, and registering the company with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA). As with most things nowadays, doing something online is quick, easy, and cost-effectively.

    Why Should You Register Your Company in Singapore?

    Having a Singaporean address is advantageous for a number of reasons, and so is registering your business there. 

    • Dynamic Economic Climate
    • Favourable Tax Structure
    • Reducing The Chance of Being Taxed Twice
    • Total 100% Overseas Ownership
    • The Process of Integration and Functioning Is Effortless
    • Favourable Towards New Businesses
    • High-Quality Infrastructure 

    Types of Business Structures in Singapore: Company Registration in Singapore

    There are four primary organisational setups from which to select. They are:

    1. Sole-Proprietorship (one owner) or Partnership (two or more owners)
    2. Limited Partnership (LP)
    3. Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)
    4. Company

    Documents Required for Registering a Company in Singapore

    The ACRA is in charge of the registration process for businesses in Singapore. For business registration in Singapore, you will have to supply:

    • Proposed name of the company 
    • Brief description of activities & SSIC Code
    • Information on the company’s shareholders and KY details 
    • Details of the board members and know-your-customer details
    • Business Address in Singapore That Is On File With The Government
    • Share capital details
    • The constitution of the corporation, Articles of Association and Memorandum of Associations of the company
    • Singaporean ID of Singaporean nationals and passport copies of foreigners 

    Checklist for Company Registration in Singapore

    Here are the basic requirements for company incorporation, Singapore:

    • At least one shareholder
    • Capital of a minimum of SGD 1
    • At least one director and company secretary who are Singaporeans or reside in Singapore
    • A registered address in Singapore

    Key Factors of Company Registration in Singapore

    Singapore is a great place to have any kind of business, from the largest conventions to the smallest of board meetings, since it provides everything you could possibly need. In addition, the city-state is home to a plethora of co-working spaces, where remote workers for various businesses may go to get some work done in peace and quiet or gather for some team building exercises.

    Incorporating a Business in Singapore for Foreigners

    If you plan on engaging in an endeavour on a regular basis for financial gain, you will need to register your company with ACRA. Companies may be formed and owned entirely by foreigners.

    In order to work legally in Singapore, you need to get an Entrepreneur Pass (EntrePass) from the Ministry of Manpower (MOM). The EntrePass application window opens either before or within 6 months of a foreign entrepreneur registering their firm with ACRA. Visit MOM’s website for details on qualifying firms and application procedures.

    If you are an overseas investor planning to establish a company in Singapore, you will need to name a local director or authorised representative to run the firm on your behalf.

    A registered filing agent may file the application in BizFile+ on behalf of an international applicant seeking company incorporation, Singapore.

    Things You Need To Know Before Opening A Company In Singapore

    Even though Singapore has less regulatory hurdles than any other country, there are still many things that must be done in order to establish a company there. One should use a company with experience in Singapore company incorporation to address these matters. Check for these potential issues:

    • Verify the availability of a prospective business name
    • In addition to having at least one shareholder, your company must have one resident director
    • Thoroughly understand the requirements for taxes, paid-up capital, and a company secretary in Singapore
    • Find out about the formal filing requirements 

    How To Incorporate A Company In Singapore In Easy Steps

    • The very first step in company registration, Singapore, is selecting an acceptable name for the business. The requested name is filed using BizFile+, ACRA’s online site.
    • The applicant must choose the type and structure of the business based on the needs as well as requirements of the proposed activity.
    • The company’s fiscal year end (FYE) must be determined.
    • Every corporation in Singapore is required to designate key personnel/officers. A minimum of one director and secretary must be selected. These officials must be natural people with a Singaporean residence.
    • The company’s share capital in Singapore must be determined.
    • The company’s registered official address must be established.
    • The corporation is required to provide a copy of its constitution detailing the company’s governing laws and regulations.
    • Submit the incorporation application through BizFile+, and sit tight for approvals.

    Post Incorporation Requirements

    Create and manage your Corppass account: This account provides the business with a digital identity for doing business with government entities.

    Creation of Business Profile: This account is essentially an electronic report provided by ACRA that contains information about the firm.

    Alternative Business Address Registration: A portion of personal information, like their residence address, must be made public to ACRA in order to preserve transparency about the individuals operating the firm and to inspire trust among the company’s stakeholders.

    Maintain The Company’s Records: Companies are required to keep the following company registries current for the following positions:

    • Members
    • Shareholders
    • Directors 
    • Secretaries 
    • Auditors 
    • Chief Executive Officers
    • Controllers

    Keep ACRA Updated: The BizFile registrations must be updated within fourteen days after the date of a change to the company’s normal operations.

    Accounting firm

    Frequently Asked Questions

    You should undertake a due diligence search on ACRA to see whether a firm is registered in Singapore.

    Get in touch with us at PikoHANA. We’ve got you covered.

    The lowest paid-up or share capital is $1, implying that you just need a little investment for company formation in Singapore. You may always start with $1 and raise it at any point after incorporation.

    In general, every firm must register with BizFile+. Some company owners, however, may not be obligated to do so since they are exempt from registering.

    Anyone can do it. To incorporate a Singapore business, you are required to have least one shareholder. An person or another corporation may be a shareholder.

    Examine and understand Singapore’s corporate registration regulations.

    Foreigners resident in other countries may hold shares in a Singapore-registered business and serve as foreign directors.

    For business registration in Singapore, at least one shareholder, a minimum capital of SGD 1, at least one director residing in Singapore, a Company Secretary residing in Singapore, and a registered location in Singapore are required.

    At least one shareholder, a minimum capital of SGD 1, at least one director residing in Singapore, a Company Secretary residing in Singapore, and a registered location in Singapore are required.

    After paying the name application cost, the application is normally completed within 15 minutes. You may start your company in as little as one day. If the application must be forwarded to some other agency for authorization or assessment, it may take 14 days to 2 months.

    Contact our experts for a detailed rundown of all required documents, or check the sections above for a brief checklist for company formation in Singapore.

    Within 60 days after establishment, a limited company must issue Share Certificates to subscribers to the Memorandum of Association shareholders. The Share Certificates must be issued in the appropriate format of Form SH-1, fully signed by at least two Company directors and an Authorised Signatory.

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