There are many reasons why Singapore is a great country to be incorporated in if you run a remote company 

  • No restrictions on repatriation of profits or import of capital. 
  • A politically and economically stable country. 
  • You don’t have to be a resident to incorporate a company. 
  • A rational tax system with low corporate tax rates. As a new company, for the first 3 years, the first $100.000 ($72k USD) of profit are tax free. 
  • Efficient process for incorporation and running of a company. Everything else can be done remotely, including opening a bank account.
  • Excellent infrastructure (airport #1 in the world, fast 4G, reliable internet)
  • Singapore is a hub in the region. Perfect for meetings and fundraising. 

We will incorporate your company for free (US $750 value) when you sign up for one of our packages.

PikoHANA is the expert in incorporation and accounting services for remote tech companies who want to be based in Singapore. Your physical presence isn’t required to open a company.

"The best thing about working with Pikohana is undoubtedly the level of customer service and technical sophistication of the team. We went through multiple other accountancy firms and agents who simply were unresponsive, unhelpful and severely lacking in any knowledge about modern technology businesses. Matt and his team bring a level of professionalism technology startup finances which you would normally only get in San Francisco, and most certainly will not find anywhere else in Singapore. I cannot recommend Pikohana highly enough."
John O'Nolan
Founder of

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