PikoHANA delivers a strategic advantage to SMEs through a real-time business intelligence platform

At PikoHANA, we pride ourselves for being the source of operational data and analysis for the well-informed SME owner, operator, and management team. We achieve this by enabling businesses to have a holistic view of their financial and operational situation on a real-time basis.

This view is served up to our customers on our newly launched Integrated Business Intelligence Platform (IBIP). The IBIP is a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering. Simply described, it is a dashboard that integrates information from the various applications or systems used by a business, and provides a holistic real-time view of the company’s working capital situation and operational performance.

Automation is the key to growth

Matthew Foley, CEO of PikoHANA explains, “Automation is at the core of everything we do for our clients. We use readily available cloud services to host and run all of our clients’ back-end operations and reduce their operational costs by up to 50%, sometimes even more. But our ultimate goal is to help them grow their business, and this is why we built the IBIP.”

The IBIP combines the power of automation with analytics to deliver real-time business intelligence on a platform that would be the single source of truth for any business. Effectively, we have eliminated the need to login to multiple systems and applications, pull reports and combine them to arrive at the information that you need to make strategic decisions for your business. 

PikoHANA Integrated Business Intelligence Platform

Here’s why the IBIP is the go-to tool for any business decision-maker:

1. Faster, better-informed decision making:

How are we doing? How is our cash flow situation looking? How much working capital do we have available? How is sales performing against the set targets? What is our P&L position? As a business leader you need constant access to this information to understand which market opportunities you can pursue and how to allocate resources to them. Traditionally, this information has perhaps arrived in the form of a monthly P&L statement from your accountant, which usually is not presented on a real-time basis and in many cases is 30-days late. Obviously, waiting for this information to arrive can have a high opportunity cost.

Recently, one of our customers was presented the opportunity of co-branding a major event in Las Vegas. From a marketing perspective, this opportunity would be great for brand exposure and engagement. But a quick decision was required. The IBIP provided a picture of how the cashflow, working capital, and resources stood at the moment, and how much of these were tied up in ongoing commitments. Quick access to this information helped the client to make a decision on-the-fly, otherwise the opportunity would have been lost.

“PIKOHANA is all about execution. They get our business and they get it done. And with their integrated Business Intelligence Platform, I have a real-time understanding of my working capital situation, which allows me to make informed decisions when deploying resources.”

Bent Rye, CEO, Temasys


2. Integrate any app, at any time:

The IBIP can be integrated with any app at any time. Currently information flows seamlessly between the IBIP and these apps that are commonly used by our customers – Xero or Quickbooks for accounting, Zoho and Salesforce CRM, and other apps such as Talenox, Expensify etc. However, should you wish to integrate any apps that we currently do not connect with, our developers have the capability to connect your apps with the IBIP through an API, in a matter of a few days. This ensures that you have a holistic view of your business on a real-time basis.

PikoHANA IBIP real-time dashboard connects any app anywhere

3. Deploy in half the time and investment required:

Our onboarding methodology is thorough but quick. Businesses that deploy cloud platforms using their in-house teams usually take atleast 50% more time than our team does. This is because of the expertise we have in analysing your back-office operations and quickly determining what data needs to be migrated to which system or app.

“The onboarding process was much quicker and easier than I expected.”

Vanessa Chun, CAO, Alto Partners

Moreover, PikoHANA is authorized by the Singapore Government to help you recover 40-60% of your investment in our services and the IBIP under the Productivity & Innovation Credit Scheme (PIC).

4. Customizable and highly secure real-time views:

The IBIP is built to deliver key business intelligence to you anytime and anywhere. To keep your information secure, we’ve built the IBIP to provide you in-browser access only. This way no reports are downloaded onto individual devices, and the information stays within your organization.

We understand that everyone has a different approach to consuming information, which is why we customize the dashboard views based on your requirements. While there are some figures that businesses across the board want to see on their IBIP dashboard such as Flash reports, some organizations need certain information on a bespoke basis.

This is why we ensure that the IBIP pulls information not only from the existing analytics from each app, but also from the raw data from each app. We also have the ability to create custom calculations and reports on the IBIP dashboard to ensure you are receiving the information you need to run your business profitably.

You might say that most CRM systems offer customization too. They do, but at a very high cost. Besides, if you could have a holistic view of all your systems in one single dashboard, why customize within each app?

5. Change the role of accounting in your business:

When we talk to Singapore SMEs, we find that they all face one common problem. The lack of automation in the back office severely impacts information flow across the organization and as a result, the accountants are almost always overwhelmed. When management queries the accounts department on vital information they need immediately, the accountants struggle to pull this information together and present it in a timely fashion.

With the IBIP, we are making the role of an accountant more dynamic, and really enhancing the relationship between accounting and business leaders. Due to the real-time intelligence available to business leaders on the IBIP, accountants are fast becoming a valuable trusted adviser, a must-have for the business, rather than a need-to-have.

PikoHANA real-time integrated business intelligence platform dashboard

In addition, PikoHANA can not only deploy and manage all your systems and integrate them into the IBIP, we run your back-office and oversee all transaction processing, which allows your key people to focus on higher value issues which means a better ROI when investing in the most important resource in the business – your employees!

So whether you’re an MD, CFO or accountant, the PikoHANA solution makes a lot of sense for you business.

“The PikoHANA solution has transformed our back office operations. The most significant advantage on a daily basis for me is the availability of real-time information. The IBIP dashboard gives me the exact status of our accounts, sales activity, employee commitments, up to the second, at a glance.”

Andrew Nicholls, Managing Director, HighEnd Media.


6. One key to all the locks:

In most companies, you’ll undoubtedly find an excel sheet somewhere with the login information for all the apps and systems they use. Besides being a security disaster, this is also a very real problem from an access perspective. There is no way you can remember the login information to so many apps, and even if you do, you surely have no time to log-in to each of them to find the information you need.

The IBIP essentially eliminates the need for a business decision-maker to have to login to any other app. By pulling data from all the apps and presenting the information you need, in the format and layout you need it, on a real-time basis, the IBIP really is the only tool you need to strategically run and grow your SME. Talk to us to learn more!



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