Payment Services

payment Processing

We understand how important it is to track internal and external payments. PikoHANA offers seamless payment services to enable smooth, error-free payments processing.

As partners, PikoHANA remains constantly connected with authorized personnel from your company to understand your payments portfolio and internal policies to help you effectively and easily manage your working capital. We ensure that company’s key stakeholders are involved for final reviews and approvals of payments before they are processed/disbursed.

payroll and employee expense reporting services

We offer payroll support for active employees and contractors to businesses.

File superannuation (i.e., CPF, EPF, etc.) for Citizens and/or PR employees

Issuance of pay slips and tax forms to employees

Administer leave or claims from employees

Employee & contractor expense reporting

Payroll & expense reporting system fees

customer invoicing & collections management

Businesses are fueled by relationships. We know the value a business gains when financial transactions are handled smoothly. We work with your accounting teams to ensure effortless invoicing. Further, we help manage vendor and external collections with ease.

client invoices

PikoHANA co-ordinate with your accounting teams to understand your company invoicing needs and help with drafting the same for your clients

Distribution of
client invoices via email

Our professional accountants will assist management and collaboration with your clients over accounting needs including distributing invoices via email


You can trust PikoHANA experts to help with follow-ups of payments and managing payment collections from clients

Focus on your core business function and leave Payment Processing to the experts.

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