When back office processes fail: Why a revenue-focused strategy alone cannot help SMEs win

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It is a universally acknowledged fact that the constant juggling of hats is the woe of a SME (Small or Medium Enterprise). We get it. As a SME ourselves, we also understand the temptation to remain focused only on activities that generate revenue. After all, isn’t making money the whole point of being in business?

It is. But for your business to thrive and succeed, we believe your attention is equally needed elsewhere. At PikoHANA, when we first engage a new business, we find them so focused on generating revenue that they often pay no mind to their back office operations.

However, each year when it’s time to file and pay taxes, or make crucial investment decisions, we find the business owners asking that one frustrating question.

Where is all that money we made?

If you’re a business owner, you’re probably nodding your head in agreement at this point.

PikoHANA integrates all your back office operations

Yet, you’re almost ready to dismiss this line of thinking because as a SME you have neither the budget nor the inclination to hire an entire operations team to handle accounting, payroll, administration, CRM, and compliance.

The good news is you don’t have to. The advent of cloud technology has made it possible for SMEs to access enterprise-grade software at affordable prices. From accounting to CRM, a host of cloud-based tools are available for you to sign up and start using instantly.

But cloud services don’t manage themselves!

No they don’t, and that is where we come in. Using a suite of cloud services, PikoHANA runs your back office and systems so you don’t have to, all for an affordable price tailored to suit your business needs. Imagine being able to have an all-up view of all your operations without having to spend any time or resources of your own.

What are the immediate benefits of using PikoHANA to run my back office operations on the cloud?

SMEs that we work with have experienced immediate relief in three key areas that has helped them refocus their energies on growing and scaling their business.

1.Operational costs are reduced by up to 50%

By eliminating the need for an in-house team of accountants and administrators, our customers have been able to reinvest their savings into product development, sales, and marketing activities.

2.Real-time information has dramatically improved visibility and decision making

Whether you need point-in-time updates on cash flow, accounts receivables, payables, employee expenses, or vendor management, PikoHANA’s real-time dashboards and flash reports ensure that information is readily available for you. This helps you save time by not having to login to individual cloud services and dig for the information you need to make decisions quickly.

PikoHANA dashboards provide real-time visibility into your back office operations

3.Customer information is now available centrally

SMEs often invest a lot of their time and resources in developing their sales teams. This goes hand-in-hand with the singular focus on revenue generation. But it also means there’s a massive drain on customer information every time a salesperson leaves the company.

To avoid such situations, it’s crucial to have a CRM system in place where customer information lives centrally. So the sales process can continue and the customer relationship is not affected every time there is a resourcing change in your sales team.

The most precious resource for a SME is time, and time really is money.

By adopting best-in-class cloud solutions and bringing your organization onto them, we can solve the bulk of your back-office operational dilemma. And then we add further value. Our weekly flash reports and dashboard views provide insights about the ins and outs of your business so that the decisions you make are informed and data-driven.

Proof, Pudding, and PikoHANA

PikoHANA transformed our business. Because of their solution, we no longer need multiple service providers, accountants, or even a CFO. Not only has PikoHANA reduced the cost of our back office, they handle it completely; meaning I can focus on what’s really important to the business — our readers and our advertisers, “ says Andrew Nichols, Managing Director, HighEnd Pte Ltd.

We have extensive corporate services, accounting, tax, systems and business experience. We’ve started, worked in, and run SMEs ourselves, so we absolutely understand what challenges you’re facing on a day-to-day basis. The goal of our business is to see our customers’ businesses grow and flourish. So why not start a conversation, and see how we can help you and your business?


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