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Accounting for Fundraising

Introducing PikoHANA’s Fundraising Support Services, where meticulous accounting meets strategic financial transparency. Our comprehensive solutions are designed to empower your fundraising activities, ensuring accuracy, compliance, and trust-building with stakeholders.

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At PikoHANA, we understand that fundraising support requires a robust approach to financial management. Our pillars for success include:

Accurate Transaction Recording

Track all incoming funds, including cash, checks, credit card transactions, and in-kind contributions.

Specify amounts, sources, and any donor-imposed restrictions with precision.

Donor Recognition and Compliance

Issue timely receipts and thank-you letters, fostering donor relationships and meeting tax requirements.

Ensure compliance with legal and regulatory obligations to build trust and reduce risks.

Event Financial Management

Efficiently manage income and expenses for fundraising events like auctions, dinners, or concerts.

Track ticket sales, sponsorships, costs of goods sold, and event-related expenditures.

Budgeting and Financial Planning

Project future fundraising income and plan strategic fund utilization to support organizational objectives.

Regulatory Adherence and Reporting

Adhere to legal requirements, report on fund utilization, and file necessary reports with government agencies.

Ensure donations align with donor intentions and maintain transparency in financial reporting.

Funds Classification

Distinguish between restricted and unrestricted funds, reflecting the specific purpose or general use of each donation.

Transparency and Accountability

Maintain clear, accurate, and transparent records to build trust with donors, stakeholders, and regulatory bodies.

Utilization of Accounting Software

Employ specialized accounting software for streamlined fundraising management.

Track donations, generate reports, and ensure compliance with financial regulations.

Why Choose PikoHANA for Fundraising Support?

Access a team of fundraising professionals with a deep financial regulations and compliance understanding.
Technology Integration
Utilize cutting-edge accounting software for efficient tracking, reporting, and compliance.
Tailored Solutions
Receive personalized fundraising support aligned with unique organizational goals.
Transparency Assurance
Rest easy with our commitment to maintaining transparent and accountable financial records.

Elevate Your Fundraising
with PikoHANA

Transform your fundraising operations into a streamlined and compliant process with PikoHANA’s Fundraising Support Services. Experience accuracy, transparency, and peace of mind while we handle the financial intricacies of your fundraising activities.

Contact us today to discuss how our Fundraising Support Services can elevate your organization’s financial management.