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Fundraising and Due Diligence Support

Fundraising is a critical process for companies aiming to raise capital and achieve growth objectives, and successful exits are equally vital for business owners and investors. PikoHANA, a leading accounting and business service provider, offers extensive support to clients in both fundraising and exit processes. In this overview, we will delve into how PikoHANA can assist its clients in raising funds or exiting their investments or businesses.

Part 1:
Fundraising Methods

Private Placements

PikoHANA guides clients through private placements by assessing financial health, structure, and growth prospects. Conducting financial due diligence and offering strategic advisory services, PikoHANA assists in determining the most suitable private placement approach, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

Sales of Shares or the Business
PikoHANA provides comprehensive support for selling shares or the entire business. Thorough due diligence is conducted to offer accurate information about the company’s financial position, operations, and risk factors. PikoHANA ensures legal and regulatory compliance, minimizing risks for a smooth transaction.

Part 2:
Fundraising and Exit Processes

Financial Due Diligence

PikoHANA conducts meticulous financial due diligence, providing potential investors or buyers with accurate information about the company. A comprehensive review of financial statements ensures transparency and credibility, instilling confidence in stakeholders and facilitating successful negotiations.

Compliance with Regulatory Requirements

PikoHANA ensures clients remain compliant with all applicable regulatory requirements throughout the process. Staying updated with regulations, the team ensures accurate and timely filings, mitigating legal risks for a smooth and compliant transaction.

Who is PikoHANA?

PikoHANA, as an experienced accounting and business service provider, offers comprehensive support to clients in fundraising and exit processes. Through financial due diligence, regulatory compliance, and strategic financial advisory, PikoHANA ensures a smooth process, maximizing value and helping clients achieve their objectives.

Fundraising Support Services by PikoHANA

  • Donor Relationship Management
    Cultivate donor relationships and meet tax requirements.
    Ensure compliance with legal and regulatory obligations for trust-building and risk reduction.

  • Event Financial Management
    Efficiently manage income and expenses for fundraising events.
    Track ticket sales, sponsorships, costs of goods sold, and event-related expenditures.

  • Regulatory Adherence and Reporting
    Adhere to legal requirements, report fund utilization, and file necessary reports.
    Ensure donations align with donor intentions and maintain transparency in financial reporting.

  • Budgeting and Financial Planning
    Project future fundraising income and strategically plan fund utilization.
    Support organizational objectives through effective financial planning.

  • Funds Classification
    Distinguish between restricted and unrestricted funds for transparent use.
    Reflect on the specific purpose or general use of each donation.

  • Transparency and Accountability
    Maintain clear, accurate, and transparent records for trust-building.
    Engage with donors, stakeholders, and regulatory bodies with confidence.

  • Utilization of Accounting Software
    Employ specialized accounting software for streamlined fundraising management.
    Track donations, generate reports, and ensure compliance with financial regulations.

Why Choose PikoHANA for Fundraising Support?

Access a team of fundraising professionals with a deep financial regulations and compliance understanding.
Technology Integration
Utilize cutting-edge accounting software for efficient tracking, reporting, and compliance.
Tailored Solutions
Receive personalized fundraising support aligned with unique organizational goals.
Transparency Assurance
Rest easy with our commitment to maintaining transparent and accountable financial records.

Elevate Your Fundraising
with PikoHANA

Transform your fundraising operations into a streamlined and compliant process with PikoHANA’s Fundraising Support Services. Experience accuracy, transparency, and peace of mind while we handle the financial intricacies of your fundraising activities.

Contact us today to discuss how our Fundraising Support Services can elevate your organization’s financial management.