Phik See Wong

Of PikoHANA’s countless strengths, I especially value their responsiveness. We know our finances are in the best hands with PikoHANA’s doting, expeditious team.

William Gilchrist

Working with PikoHANA has revolutionized our operations; Matt’s team handles our accounting with unmatched prowess. I am continually impressed with their responsiveness and ability to anticipate our needs.


PikoHANA transformed our business. Because of their solution, we no longer need multiple service providers, accountants or even a CFO. Not only has PikoHANA reduced the cost of our back office, they handle it completely: meaning I can focus on what’s really important to the business – our readers and advertisers.


“Matt and his team are true professionals – their high-tech, high-touch approach is paired with a meticulous attention to detail and proactivity. This allows us to carry on running our business knowing our corporate service needs are in safe hands. It’s been a pleasure to work with the PIKOHANA team and I look forward to […]


I loved switching to PikoHANA because it forced all of us to be a lot more structured and efficient


The onboarding process was much easier and quicker than I expected!