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Tips on Time Management

Any successful executive understands the importance of time management. “Work smarter, not harder” is a tried-and-true strategy, and one PikoHANA’s expert team is intimately familiar with. The daunting tasks you are faced with in your professional life can be better handled if you follow these nine time management tips:  

1. Eliminate unnecessary activities and focus your effort on high priority tasks. Minimise low-value tasks so you can concentrate on what’s most important to you.  

2. Invest in training, maximising both your and your staff’s skill sets. Courses and training take time but, in the long run, it’s usually a prudent investment.   

3. Learn to prioritise effectively, using the MosCoW (must, should, could and would) technique, to identify the activities with maximum ROI.   

4. Set objectives using the SMART technique, to define a course of action: this will help with focus and prioritisation. By determining how specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and timebound each of your goals are, you can make informed decisions about what to work on and when to work on it. 

5. Outsource non-core tasks to reliable, experienced freelancers. In the digital age, it’s easy to find skilled workers in a variety of fields.   

6. Learn to delegate effectively and avoid micro-management. Give clear objectives, deadlines and instructions: trust your staff to do the tasks they’ve been given.   

7. Use short-term, high-impact consultants to cover skill or knowledge gaps. In simple terms, if you need specialist knowledge, hire someone.   

8. Invest in technology, to find ways of working smarter – not harder. From policies & procedures, to systems and platforms – using the latest technology and techniques makes every minute more productive   

9. Treat the time of your staff, with the same respect as if it were your own. Time is limited, so learn to use it wisely – always.   

Time is a precious resource, perhaps one of the most important resources in the business environment. Just like revenue, profit, and shareholder returns, time must be measured and managed effectively.  

Accounting outsourcing services has become an increasingly popular service in the modern business environment and offers founders and executives a way to run their business without worrying about tasks that are not of interest to them. Whether outsourcing marketing, sales, or cheap accounting services, it is a decision that, with the right firm, will offer huge returns to your business in the long run. Enter PikoHANA!  This is what we do.  Being one of the top accounting services provider Singapore, let PikoHANA manage your back-office tasks so you can concentrate on what’s important, whether that’s time with your family, developing your company’s strategy, or scaling the business, our experienced team and advanced technology will assuage any stress you have related to compliance, filing, payroll, and affordable accounting services. Contact us today to discuss what PikoHANA can do for your business.  

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