Expectations Of The Modern CFO

    Expectations of the Modern CFO

    The role of the modern CFO has grown far beyond the standard of yore. Executive teams are demanding more from their finance unit, in the interest of creating beneficial relationships with management teams, shareholders, and regulators. 

    No longer are executives satisfied with the ‘number crunching’ finance officer. The role has been redefined, requiring a CFO to wear many hats: not only are they a business partner and an astute financial advisor, but also a visionary, adept communicator, and an expert in creating value for the company. 

    Specifically, finance officers need to: 
    1. Guarantee accurate and responsible reporting 
    2. Effectively communicate with internal and external stakeholders 
    3. Manage risk and compliance 
    4. Advise the management team on strategic and operational issues 
    5. Ensure strategic use of company capital 

    In addition to the above, a CFO must effectively execute the company’s strategic plan and work towards achieving the company’s goals. It can be difficult to find a CFO that will fulfil all these expectations. In light of the growing responsibility of the CFO, there is high demand for premiere outsourced accounting. That’s where we come in. 

    PikoHANA’s mantra is “innovative, effective solutions that maximize the financial well-being of our clients.” With over 25 years of experience operating in Asia, we are excited to bring our expertise and knowledge to companies looking to improve and maximize their financial performance. We work with you as a business partner in launching comprehensive back-office solutions to create a foundation of financial management. PikoHANA simplifies and automates your back office so you can focus on the more important things, like building customer relationships and scaling your business. 

    If you are interested in our service offerings, including complementary CFO advisory services, contact us today to create a service package tailored to your company’s needs. 

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