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    The logical choice for SMEs with less than 200 employees who want accurate accounting done on time, without the stress and cost of hiring new employees.


    A lean, human powered solution for your micro business

    180 USD
    per month

    For up to 20 transactions per month*


    Everything you need to keep growing as fast as you can

    326 USD
    per month

    For up to 40 transactions per month*

    Everything in the basic plan, plus:


    Advanced services for complex organisations

    a quote

    40+ transactions per month

    Everything in the growth plan, plus:

    Translated in plain English, this means:

    You can stop processing expense claims on Sunday nights and worrying about narrowly missing tax deadlines. The PikoHANA team includes more than 20 full-time employees with different expertises. Some are tax specialists, others come from corporate finance, lots are CPAs and former big-4 consultants. We continuously invest in their professional training to guarantee great service. 

    We offer the reliability and continuity of a business that’s been running for more than 8 years under the same ownership & management. 

    Each client has an account manager and a fractional finance team which is allocated based on their expertise and your needs. This allows you to get the best possible level of support without having to hire or train it yourself. 

    Add historical cleanup or specialised services to any plan

    Discover our additional range of services

    • $72 per month

    Applicable for Singapore registered companies who are registered for GST.


    • Accounting for all GST transactions monthly
    • Preparation of quarterly GST return
    • Filing of quarterly GST return
    • $108 per month


    • Corporate secretarial, incl. named secretary
    • Registered office address
    • Provision of four (i.e., quarterly) director’s resolutions and minutes of the meeting per annum, noting that resolutions outside the normal course of business, such as rights issuances, share offerings, etc. will be charged for separately
    • Maintenance of company files with respect to the articles of association, copies of resolutions, official registrations, copies of annual accounts
    • Preparation and submission of the annual return & filing
    • Preparation and submission of the filing to ACRA
    • Convene the AGM as stipulated by the company’s constitution or M&A
    • Includes XBRL filing (usually a separate charge of $600 by most service providers)
    • $36 per month (for every block of 10 payments)


    • We only prepare payments after seeking approval from the company’s authorized person(s)
    • The company will be responsible for the final review and approval of payments
    • $72 per month (for every block of 10 payments)


    • Drafting of client invoices
      – Revenue recognition
      – Distribution of client invoices via email

    Please note that we will only send invoices to your clients via email from our invoicing system after seeking approval from the company’s authorized person(s)

    • PikoHANA is not responsible for
      follow-up calls or chasing payments.
    • $18 per month per employee


    • Payroll support for active employees &
    • Filing payroll reports with government agencies
    • Issuance of pay slips to employees
    • Leave administration (i.e., not approval)
    • Employee & contractor expense reporting based on single approver
    • Inclusive of payroll & expense reporting system fees

    Please note this does not include payment processing, which is covered by Option #1 above

    • $180 per month


    • This is a statutory requirement for a Company to have a minimum of one director who is an ordinary resident in Singapore.
    • Subject to signing standard indemnification agreement
    • $254 per filing (once a year)


    • All companies, including new companies, are required to file the ECI within three months from the end of their financial year.
    • Your company does not need to file the ECI if it meets the following criteria:
      • Annual revenue is not more than $5 million for the financial year; and ECI is NIL for the YA.
    • So, if your company is profitable, then you must file the ECI no matter what your revenue is.
    • Included in Corporate Secretarial Services.

    Included in each monthly package (ie Xero, Talenox).

    • $725


    • Incorporation as a Singapore Private Limited company
    • Account opening with Aspire
    • Excludes government fees of $363
    • $1089


    • One-time fee of $1,089 covering one company. $363
      will be charged for each additional company in the
    • $1815


    • Audit support, including:
      • Liaising with auditors and responding to
        various audit inquiries.
      • Providing auditors with access to
        financial records and supporting
        documentation; and
      • Coordination of documentation to
        formalize the audit report.

    Customised quote based on transaction volume. Starting at $363

    $180 – $400 per hour depending on the project

    Serving 200+ companies worldwide from Singapore

    Frequently Asked Questions

    When you book a demo, our team will ask you questions about your current setup and recommend the plan that best fits your organisation.

    After the onboarding process, our team will set a regular schedule to work on your account. We will connect to your systems so that we can work in the background while you focus on your business. 

    No, we have a team of full-time employees in Malaysia and Singapore who only work for us. Our turnover is very low – we really enjoy long term relationships! That applies to employees, partners and clients. 

    PikoHANA serves hundreds of companies across 12+ different industries including fintech, SaaS, B2B companies. Most are regional teams or remote companies, but that’s not a requirement for us. 


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