Do You Know What Your Numbers Are Telling You?

    Join Matt Foley for a deep-dive workshop on Finance Management for Entrepreneurs
    10 December 2020
    2:00 PM to 3:30 PM SGT
    Matt Foley Pikohana MD

    For start-ups and development stage companies, understanding Finance is a key ingredient for success.

    Managing your finances is not an easy endeavour, and ignorance comes at a great cost. As your company grows, you have more and more variables to think about, such as when to scale, hire & expand.​

    This workshop aims to enable ambitious entrepreneurs to understand "what your numbers are telling you" so that they can talk to professionals with confidence.

    Who Should Attend:

    • Entrepreneurs
    • Business Owners

    You will learn:

    • The Goals of Financial Management
    • Basic accounting concepts
    • How to interpret and understand:
      • Financial Statements
        • P&L
        • Balance Sheet
        • Cash Flow Statement
      • P&L ratio
        • Gross margin
        • YOY growth
        • Operating margins by department
        • MRR
        • EBITDA
      • Operating cash flow
      • Operating runway

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      You’ll will also hear from Matt Foley, an experienced finance executive, his experience & lessons learnt when he brought a company from 1 to 600 employees and an IPO at Nasdaq – and saw it fail miserably after only 4 months after his departure.

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