Why BCP is as important as DRP in 2020

Of all the hurdles that lie in the course of running a company, keeping your business operational in the event of an unforeseen disaster is a tough one. The moment your back office has to halt operations, you lose track of critical financial insights which ultimately leads to the delayed analysis of business performance, slackens revenue growth and increases downtime.

Now, while most businesses have a Disaster Recovery Plan in place that takes care of the IT infrastructure restoration, they often do not understand the role of a Business Continuity Plan in ensuring that the back office remains functional. By enlisting ‘back office outsourcing’ in their BCP, organizations are now unlocking several benefits and staying ahead of their competitors in an unfortunate disaster-hit environment. 

In this article, you will learn why in the current business environment, BCP is as important as DRP and how outsourcing your back office operations to partner firms off-site can help keep your finances up and running. 

Matt Foley

Matt Foley

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